Sugar Island!

Bittersweet Bombshell!

Okay, I was going to save this for Monday but figured nobody would think it was a funny April Fool’s joke!  After three years, Sugar is leaving Front Street.  As you all know, the amount of baking has increased… which is GREAT but the day has finally come where we have outgrown our digs!!

Thank you all for your love and support and friendship!! We are moving our kitchen but you will now be able to find Sugar at all of the following locations:

Pine Valley MarketCourthouse Coffee Down East ConnectBurgaw Antiqueplace



And these Farmer’s Markets:

Wrightsville Beach Farmer's MarketCarolina Beach Farmer's Market

AND COMING SOON TO AN ISLAND ,well not very near you, but near and dear to my heart-

Sugar Island!

Don’t worry, though, personal delivery will still be available for your pie, scone, whoopie and Cheddar Pig fixes!  Just consult your office mates, sister, neighbor or pie loving buddy and place an order and we will bring it your office or home!

Love to you all!!    We are so excited!!



My State Fair is a GREAT State Fair!

I LOVE the  music from State Fair-but we all know I am a complete Rodgers and Hammerstein junky, so this is no surprise!  I also love the concept of putting up preserves, baking a sassy layer cake and getting dolled up to stroll around the midway.  Alternately, I could don camo cut-offs, 12 lip piercings and an old Hooter’s t-shirt and go to the New Hanover County Fair and have a turkey leg. Hmmmm.

INSTEAD-this week we are having a State Fair sale!!! (There’s also a contest involved for my girls-so if you have a favorite bakery-slinger go in while they are working to take advantage of the sale!!) Combine any of our incredible NC products and get a $1.00 off each product! This includes  Angela’s pickles, Green Family Farm goat’s milk soap, Rum Island BBQ sauce, and Mrs Ruth’s jams!,,,

To further the festive-fair-like atmosphere we will have some incredibly fun baked goods this week! Banana Cream Pie , Apple Pie, Cranberry Orange Pound Cake

Of course, there will plenty of Whoopie Pies-fear not!

Still no word on the espresso machine so we are still without lattes-waaaaah!

And finally, bagels are back!

See you soon!

Eggin’ Me On!

As you may have noticed we have gone to a 6 day week.  In the beginning-I had visions of Sugar at 3 of the local Farmer’s Markets and cranking it out 7 days a week.  Weeeeeelllllll, after 8 months of being open now I have realized that this is not a feasible plan when I am the only one baking AND I have had the most fantastic time finding employees!  I know it’s very clichéd to say that “good help is hard to find” but good ganache! What a nightmare!  My sister is, of course, fabulous, but she can only take so much of me and others-well-let’s just say it’s astonishing how arrogant people can be!   I have high hopes for our newest helper, Anna, as she is tres intelligent AND rotten!  Sarah is sweet but she is going away to school and sooo…

That being said-I am going to try being closed on Sundays until we get to the Fall and then perhaps we will rethink that plan and have a Scrabble club or some such funness!

I read the most interesting article the other day which I intend to print out and hang up at the shop but I will give you an excerpt here to see what you think, “…Research indicates that those who spend money on coffee breaks at the local cafe’ can reap emotional profits: A 2008 Harvard Business School says experience,rather than goods, tend to make people happier, and spending less than $5 in a coffee shop can be enough-it provides a healthy break from your routine and puts a smile on your face.” (Clean Eating June 2011)  Ha!  SO, instead of having lawful 15 minute SMOKE breaks they should be caffeine breaks-huh, huh?? I like it! 

Last thing-Must share this insane deviled egg recipe with you!

12 large eggs (preferably from Grassy Ridge Farms or some such local farm. Just make sure they are a few days old before you use them or else they are tricky to peel.)

1/3 cup Olive Oil Mayo (homemade if you’re feeling fancy)

2 tblsp Plugra butter unsalted

1 tblsp Dijon mustard

Kosher salt and white pepper to taste

2 tblsp chopped FRESH chives (dried chives are a waste of everyone’s time.)

Boil eggs in the manner to which you are accustomed, drain and cool.   Peel eggs and cut in half. Throw egg yolks, butter, salt, pepper, mayo and mustard into a food processor and combine (you can also do this with mesh sieve). Fold in chopped chives. Pipe into waiting egg whites and serve IMMEDIATELY-these are a labor of love and while you can serve them after they’ve chilled for a bit they are not as decadent and luxurious.



Iced Coffee-You chill me to the bone.

Sitting in my little car, freezing Iced Latte soaking into my white linen shirt, cascading freely across my laptop and pooling in my Crocs I burst into howling tears-pounding futilely on my steering wheel I start the car, jam my sunglasses onto my face and promptly hurl them into the passenger seat as they are also dripping coffee.  In this condition I take off to pick up my little guys from their respective locations. Interestingly, when I got to both places NOBODY noticed my coffeeness.  Which makes me wonder what kind of a crackpot I must look like when I am traipsing around town after baking all day?  Granted, one of my favorite customers and good friends kindly pointed out to me that I had a lovely Bonnie Raitt style frosting of butter thru my hair this morning…

All of this to say!!!! I will have a proper blog post as soon as I get my computer keyboard fixed (I am borrowing someone’s computer right now!)  because I have so many exciting new pictures for everyone! People made a  crazy fuss over my birthday and it was really fun!  SO-I have not deserted you-just having computer issues!  We’ll catch up soon!

Moonshine, Mixers and Father’s Day-naturally.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Father’s Day approacheth and naturally one’s thoughts turn to moonshine, non?  Recently I was given a fantastic gift triumvirate-Peppers, Magnolia blossoms and moonshine jelly!  This is a gift that could only come from a real friend and a food fanatic (!  If you ever want awesome, authentic strudel this IS the place to go!

For Dad’s Day we have some of the best cards, as you can see, and a reversible Seal Team 6 bbq apron for the grilling, manly-man!

Local honey-looking dazzling next to our sunny honey wands!

‘Tis the season for local blackberries in our pies and scones, juicy Bolivia peach pies and turnovers and all things blueberry!

AND I was gifted ANOTHER mixer! This one I have never, ever seen before-Magic Mills bread mixer-not to be confused with a bread machine-no sirree! A real bread mixer with a dough arm-Thanks Mr. Higgins! I’m so excited!

June is shaping up to be great-lots of yummy things in season and we’re happy to announce a Mary Jane’s FarmGirl Chapter ( that will be meeting in the shop on July 14th.  Don’t worry-more details soon!

Yes-those are cupcakes you see. People kept requesting them-so I’ve been doing some… And we had Tres Leches cake which I thought was quite yummy!  I see I have worn you out with exclamation marks, I do apologize but they are so, so fun.

If you wanted something for your daddy-o this weekend don’t wait too long to call-the order board is filling  up!

P.S. That, my friends, is a Raspberry Rhubarb Pie!



Meet my eggs! These are provided to us weekly from McLellan Farms!~  Nothing is better in custard pies and crumb cakes than sunny, farm fresh organic eggs! Also new to the shop are Fair Market Bags! ( They are made of recycled materials, super-chic AND crazy inexpensive-like $5!!!!!   So…THURSDAY is a big day! Local honey from Dogwood Farms arrives and a new expanded shipment of Nut Butters!!!!

Presents o’ mine part Duex.

As promised-here’s a continuance of the amazing bounty by my talented customers and friends!  Unfortunately I haven’t had the brains to photograph any of the stunning floral arrangements S.A.W. has been rolling up here with but next time I will-they are show stopping! 

Gnomes, aprons, Sugar bags, sugar plaques, sparkly ornaments, giant hand thrown mug, poems, a camera which is on loan so I could take the picutres!…A ROPE SWING-yup, a nob on my trash’s insanity!

I am quite spoiled and very tickled with all of my treasures! Thanks to all!

The strawberries are destined for smoothies, pies, cakes and homemade jam this week! Tomorrow the egg lady starts delivering and there is nothing like a Caramel Cream Cake with farm fresh eggs-or a Rhubarb Custard Pie with sunny yellow eggs,,,,,,

Thursday is also National Pecan Day and we will be tearing it up! See you then!

April 13. Spring Cleaning. New Stuff.

Hello all!  Hope you are all enjoying the warm sun and the cool nights and the frequent showers! The plants seem thrilled.  As promised long ago I will be doing a second series of “presents o’ mine” courtesy of some amazing customers who have become dear friends!  I will finish the photos tomorrow and have a slide show for you Wednesday evening. The talent, generosity and creativity of my friends is absolutely astonishing!

We’ve been cleaning and re-organizing-something that is crazy-important in such a small space as ours! Blackboard-Menu Board is up-soon to be framed out and fabulous!  Smoothies and Frappes are up and running.  A few new trinkets lying around-you know I love me some trinkets!

Um, lezzz see.  W have a teeny tiny role in the Freakers America movie-mercifully it’s a blur because it got sprung on me last minute at the end of a 15 hour shift that had been zooey so I look like I have been around the world and back on a goat. Not attractive.

Easter heads up-we will be posting our Easter specials this weekend but we are already over-booked (this is an AMAZING THING!!!) so if you are wanting some decadent confection for you Easter Bean Feast please, I beg of you, tell me now rather than later!

Azalea Festival…we’re out.

Whilst BLOOMING azaleas are undeniably lovely in their 3 days of glory, I am not a fan. The lackluster green leaves, spindly branches and root systems from beyond-not my thing.  I think we should switch to a Strawberry Festival! Think of the fun foods that would spawn!  Anyway, my point is, WE ARE CLOSED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY OF AZALEA WEEKEND. APRIL 9TH AND 10TH.  NO SUGAR FOR YOU. OR BOOKS. Please don’t think us cruel.  It’s just we do not want to deal with packs of sticky teenagers spilling slushies and tearing up the bathroom. We will resume on Monday-I swear!  Enjoy your weekend-it’s supposed to be gawdjus!

Luv ya-mean it!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Fans, Rejoice!

Were you aware that Saturday, April 2nd, is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day? AND that is is also National Children’s Book Day?  Now you are, so you have no excuse not to come party with us!  The bookstore has a super abundance of children’s literature and we will have all sorts of PB&J specials!  PB&J bagels, PB cookies with jam filling, PB gooey brownies, Jam filled cookies, PB Pie, Jam filled scones-it’s gonna be wild!

For those of you who missed the LOGAN ELLIOTT SMITH JURASSIC CLASSIC, during our Fourth Friday Gallery Crawl I will share some photos with you. We missed you, of course, but all involved had a blast-especially the artiste himself!  Thanks to all of his friends and mine who came out and supported him-it was really heartwarming!

Wokka-Flokka Flame one of our original employees painted a charming blackboard menu for us over the last 2 days for which we are eternally grateful.  Sadly she is being militant about making me wait for 4 DAYS until I write on it. Sigh.

Sugar on Front would also like to welcome its newest staff member ELANOR! She is fabulous-you will all love her as much as I do.

Just a heads up-we are CLOSED the Saturday and Sunday of Azalea Festival.  Books+hordes of cotton-candy-coated-people=bad.  Why wasn’t Algebra 2 that easy, I ask you?

Been churning out a goodly amount of Gluten-free stuff lately as there has been quite the demand. It’s been quite fun experimenting.

Got the Vita Mix up and running and we will commence with the smoothies starting next week!  Yay!

Wait, wait! I gotta tell you this quickly. Now, bear in mind I am taking this as a compliment and so this is GENTLE laughter, but, there is a breed of folks who attend events such as these solely because of the free food and wine. They happily munch their way thru the galleries for free much like they do at lunch time at Sam’s or Costco. You know the type. Well, one of these opportunists had availed themself 4 TIMES of everything on our little buffet-no problem. After their final trip to the back for more wine they made a final pass at the bar. Well, by this time it was 8:30 and we had been cleaned out and were wrapping up. Look closely at the picture of the dino cookies.  They were nestled in a bed of Northern beans to simulate rocks.  Well, this particular munchasaurus scooped up a Jurassic handful of these beans and popped them right into ye olde gullet! One bite and they realized their mistake and quietly started spitting them into their hand and emptying them into a pocket. It was priceless.