Eggin’ Me On!

As you may have noticed we have gone to a 6 day week.  In the beginning-I had visions of Sugar at 3 of the local Farmer’s Markets and cranking it out 7 days a week.  Weeeeeelllllll, after 8 months of being open now I have realized that this is not a feasible plan when I am the only one baking AND I have had the most fantastic time finding employees!  I know it’s very clichéd to say that “good help is hard to find” but good ganache! What a nightmare!  My sister is, of course, fabulous, but she can only take so much of me and others-well-let’s just say it’s astonishing how arrogant people can be!   I have high hopes for our newest helper, Anna, as she is tres intelligent AND rotten!  Sarah is sweet but she is going away to school and sooo…

That being said-I am going to try being closed on Sundays until we get to the Fall and then perhaps we will rethink that plan and have a Scrabble club or some such funness!

I read the most interesting article the other day which I intend to print out and hang up at the shop but I will give you an excerpt here to see what you think, “…Research indicates that those who spend money on coffee breaks at the local cafe’ can reap emotional profits: A 2008 Harvard Business School says experience,rather than goods, tend to make people happier, and spending less than $5 in a coffee shop can be enough-it provides a healthy break from your routine and puts a smile on your face.” (Clean Eating June 2011)  Ha!  SO, instead of having lawful 15 minute SMOKE breaks they should be caffeine breaks-huh, huh?? I like it! 

Last thing-Must share this insane deviled egg recipe with you!

12 large eggs (preferably from Grassy Ridge Farms or some such local farm. Just make sure they are a few days old before you use them or else they are tricky to peel.)

1/3 cup Olive Oil Mayo (homemade if you’re feeling fancy)

2 tblsp Plugra butter unsalted

1 tblsp Dijon mustard

Kosher salt and white pepper to taste

2 tblsp chopped FRESH chives (dried chives are a waste of everyone’s time.)

Boil eggs in the manner to which you are accustomed, drain and cool.   Peel eggs and cut in half. Throw egg yolks, butter, salt, pepper, mayo and mustard into a food processor and combine (you can also do this with mesh sieve). Fold in chopped chives. Pipe into waiting egg whites and serve IMMEDIATELY-these are a labor of love and while you can serve them after they’ve chilled for a bit they are not as decadent and luxurious.




5 thoughts on “Eggin’ Me On!

  1. I’m trying this recipe. Glad your closed on Sundays and I might have a fabulous employee for you. She is great. Neat, clean, clean, efficient, and very domestic and n awesome cook, baker etc.

  2. Wanting those devilish eggs badly! Sounds perfect! THANKS!

    & I so agree w/most everything they say at HARVARD! but especially this. Just got a great new pair of pants at Steinmart – but the thrill is always more intense when I enjoy the cherry pie & company at the SUGAR counter! hahhah

    Sure hope you can find the perfect help mate soon!

  3. Balance, good help and deviled eggs. Honestly can’t think of another thing an enjoyable blog post needs! Very entertaining.

  4. Hi Sam! I am glad you’re taking Sunday off. We’re so pleased to have a fun place like Sugar to hang out. I feel like a “local,” although I’ll never sound like one… By the way, I love your oeufs mimosa, that’s what they are called in French. Don’t you love the name?

  5. Oeufs Mimosa is brilliant!!!!! Thanks for the postive reinforcement everyone! And yes-Stein Mart is also therapeutic but doesn’t have a patch on Belk’s Red Dot Clearance Racks!!!!!

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