Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Sugar Island!

Water-color-happy-anniversary-wishesIMG_20140331_182106_623Movin' Out! 013One year ago today, we transitioned Sugar on Front St. into Sugar Island. I can’t believe it’s been a year! There have been so many exciting adventures this past year. A lot of new friends have been made and our wholesale business has increased dramatically. It has been our great privilege to partner with some amazing artisans, craftsman, farmers, spinners and musicians!  Thank you to all for your continued support and belief in small, family-run businesses, handcrafted items and wholesome goodness made from scratch.

It has seemed to involve a lot of trucks though…often trucks with precariously perched purchases of pre-used pedigree…

We can’t wait to show you the new additions and expansions we have made! Come on out, have a seat and a treat, get some sun on your face and breathe in the lovely salt air.

Happy Anniversary, Sugar! Here’s to many more!


Love is in the air! Oh wait-that’s ice.

It is with huge humility that we say a big, heartfelt THANK YOU!! and WE LOVE YOU TOO! to all of our friends and wholesale customers old and new! January was every bit as busy as December which is kind of mind-blowing, because, well, it’s January and it’s “so slow”. To all of you who shopped and shipped and visited with us, thank you, thank you! Our first year on Topsail Island has been absolutely amazing and the continued loyalty amongst our original customers is wonderful!

So it is with EXTREME PRIDE (and a little bit of sheer nervousness…) we announce the opening of “SUPPLIES!”  Hahahahah! Dumbest name ever! But really, it is now Sugar Island Bakery and Supplies. We have taken over another unit in our shopping center so that, once again, there is seating to enjoy your friend’s company and have a coffee and slice of something and unwind.

As to “supplies” we will expand our line of granolas, locally roasted coffees from Brown Dog Coffee (http://www.browndogcoffeecompany.com/ and Java Estate Roastery, our local honeys, free range eggs, quilt cards by Meg Prange, goats milk soaps by Heavenly Homestead (https://www.etsy.com/shop/heavenlyhomesteading), clothing line from Just Like Honey (http://www.sewntothebone.com/), pottery and jewelry from Fat Cat Pottery and Re-Eco, an increased selection of Melissa Gray’s luxurious soaps and spectacular fiber art(http://melissagray.homestead.com/)and all of our specialty baking ingredients like flours, seeds and nuts.  We will be carrying herbs (in season) from Shelton Herb Farms and a large selection of the incomparable LunaPops (http://lunapops.com/) and the genius Nye’s Ice cream sandwiches (http://nyescreamsandwiches.com/) to complement all our handmade yumminess! Plus, a huge selection of rare and used books, focusing on children’s literature and, naturally, cookbooks!

And we will finally bring back the Sugar Island t-shirts and mugs!  To round out all this excitement, we will be unrolling our antique dish and pedestal rental service for people who want their festivities to look divine without being stuck with an excessive amount of vintage china!

We are aiming for March 1, to open up all this madness and will post pictures as the renovations begin! Should anyone have really cool Hoosier’s, old pianos, outdoor rocking chairs or sturdy bookshelves they would like to trade in towards store credit-lemme know! The current color is, ahem, lava orange with faux stucco and earth platelets. Clearly not keeping THAT. Yeah, don’t ask.

Below, please find our Valentine’s Day Menu-you know the deal, order ahead!  Here are a few pictures of our frozen island…it’s been as cold as Cruella DeVil’s heart this week!

http://sugarislandnc.com/valentines-day-specials/ (plus more of the amazing Robotic Relative cards! (http://www.roboticrelative.com/)


10 days till Christmas and I am JUST now doing this post…

Hey Ya’l!!! Merry Christmas! It is December 15th and I will admit, this year has REALLY taken the cake! As I simply can’t say enough, we are so grateful for the overwhelming support of all our friendstomers both old and new! There is nothing we love more than feeding people and I truly delight in being thought “qualified” to provide treats for birthdays and other festivities and family gatherings, it is an honor indeed!

This year, I have finally gotten to fully indulge in my fruitcake addiction. (Much to Mom and Romelle’s chagrin I have eaten 10 so far. No regrets.) People have brought me fruitcake slices, wedges and recipes and it has been WONDERFUL!

Below is our Holiday Menu. As always, your favorites are also available even if not listed on the menu (i.e. Cheddar Pigs and Snooty Stars, etc…). Please order ahead as you know-it is all made fresh and from scratch and that takes a minute! Shawn and the festivemobile are delivering the 3 counties on the 22nd and 23rd if you are needing delivery!

Our mini Sugar at Pomegranate Books in Wilmington has been doing spectacularly well and we hope you are all finding it convenient! (http://www.pombooks.net/).

We will be closing at 1 p.m. on Christmas Eve (due to death threats from my family!!!) and will be closed 12/25-27. We will then post our New Year’s Eve delivery schedule and then we are going to close for A WHOLE WEEK!

There is a gorgeous selection of locally made one of a kind ornaments (http://www.fatcatpottery.com/), our own specially roasted holiday coffees, lovely woolen scarves by the ever talented Melissa Gray (http://melissagray.homestead.com/), fresh granolas, biscottis and wonderful vintage books, dishes, children’s books and Reindeer Food at the the shop waiting to be festively packaged and given to people you REALLY like. Not the ones who get the CVS gift card.

Thanks again for all your support and love of tastiness! Merry Christmas!

(P.S.-feel free to share your fruitcake with me.)


Labor of Love!

lemon cookies IMG_0232 lemon cupcake caramel brownies pecan cakeLabor Day is here again!  To break with tradition, we will have the Island shop open on Wednesday 11-6, Thur 11-6 and Fr 11-6!  Because it is technically the last weekend to wear white we are celebrating with all sorts of frosty white confections! Be sure to place your order for delivery or pick up in advance or visit us at Carolina Beach Market on Saturday or Wrightsville Beach on Monday!

Double Apple Pie $18.00

NC Peach Pie $18.00

Double Vanilla Cupcakes $1.75 each

Coconut Custard Cupcakes $1.75 each

White Chocolate Chip Cupcakes $1.75 each

Sour Cherry Pie $18.00

Frosted Lemon Cookies $6.00 for a 1/2 dozen

Cherry Blueberry Scones $1.85 each





Happy Memorial Day!

GetAttachment.aspxHappy Memorial Day!! We will be at the Wrightsville Beach Farmer’s Market tomorrow and we hope you enjoy your weekend and take time to remember someone who served or to thank someone actively serving or retired.  It’s a brave and selfless thing they do.

This photo to is Jack Laine, my grandfather, from whom I inherited my love of sweets and the act of cooking for myself of for groups of people.  Most of my food memories as a child are centered around Grandpa activities-oranges brought to us from Florida, fresh hot doughnuts when we were staying at the beach, all -you-can-eat crab legs at Harbor Lights, smoked Mullet  in Fort Meyers, potato salad with lots of pickle juice and harassing waitresses at Hickory BBQ for the slice of Coconut Creme Pie. Grandpa would have loved the fact that I finally got to open my own bakery and would have really been over the moon to see our newest shop. Baked goods and fishing-two of his favorite things!!

And so, this Memorial Day, we thank all of our retired and active military for all you do. For those who’ve gone on- We won’t forget, we promise.

mom mug 003

Happy Mother’s Day and G.O. Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends who were crazy enough to have children!!  What were we thinking? What were our mom’s thinking?? Do not answer either one of those questions, please.

The shop is coming along nicely-below is the view from my oven-so bright and sunny!! No more mole hole for me!  We are setting a Grand Opening Date for Thursday June 6th-and having the party continue all through the weekend-we were going to say Saturday but that’s a Market Day-so…

I am so excited for you to see all the wonderful new things we have!! Mrs. Ruth (http://mrsruthjams.com/mrsruthjams/Welcome.html) went crazy and our jam selection is HUGE! We have local honey coming in from Nature’s Way and Ti Wind Apiaries, Green Family Farm (http://greenfamilyfarms.webs.com/) made us some beautiful soaps and awesome koozies, and the shelves are groaning with pickles from Angela (http://angelasppf.com/) and sauces from Rum Island (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rum-Island/162193677152817)!!! Jess Demaria has made some amazing new art (http://www.etsy.com/shop/roboticrelative) in the form of highly collectible greeting cards and we will have the most adorable earrings from Re-Eco (http://www.re-eco.com/reeco_website/Fashion_2.html) AND we have our new t-shirts, tank tops and mugs!!!!  Plus coffee from our friends at Java Estate and Brown Dog Coffee Company (http://www.browndogcoffeecompany.com/) available by the pound.

On top of which I have SO MUCH MORE ROOM TO BAKE!!! So there will be more cookies, pies, scones, muffins, pigs, pecans, granola AND we have 2 of our very own custom coffee blends available NOWHERE else! We also have smoothies now made from only the bestest fruit and using Greek yogurt and MOCHA SHAKES!!! As Connor says, “It’s gonna be amaaaaazing!”

So you can knock yourself out stocking your shelves with locally made treasures and then I will pack you a box of treats and make you a frosty drink and show you a set of wooden steps that you can traipse over to enjoy your indulgences on THE BEACH!!! And there is FREE AMPLE PARKING! Nary a meter maid in sight!!

And did I mention we have selection of vintage cookbooks?????

So-again-Happy Mother’s Day to you hard working Mommies-I hope your day is filled with love and appreciation and something yummy!! See you tomorrow at the Wrightsville Beach Farmer’s Market (http://www.townofwrightsvillebeach.com/Departments/PlanningParks/ParksRecreation/FarmersMarket/tabid/157/Default.aspx)!


mom mug 001


Durham Bullsh&^% 028












The Horse ran away with the…Sun?

So it’s Cinco De Mayo AND Kentucky Derby in the same weekend! That should make for a LOT of great eating!  We are contributing to your parties this year by offering Kentucky Derby Pies (loaded with bourbon!), Strawberry Margarita Cheesecake and Tres Leches Cake!  Orders must be placed by Tuesday, April 30th and as always, home delivery is available or you may pick up at Pine Valley Market or Pomegranate Books! Orders may be placed by phone (910) 254.1110 or email notquitedone@hotmail.com

Strawberry Margarita Cheesecake-tart lime cheesecake with a hint of tequila and topped with fresh sweetened strawberries in a sugar cookie crust! $29.00

Kentucky Derby Pie-classic pastry crust filled and baked with a mixture of milk and dark chocolate, pecans and bourbon! $18.00

Tres Leches Cake-soft, moist yellow cake soaked in a vanilla milk syrup with a heavy cloud our whipped cream with a deep caramel ribbon. 1 layer 8″ feeds 12 $20.0016000

tres leches chzck kentuck dourb

Crime Does Not Pay 01

Random Acts of Violence.

  This post was supposed to be about apples. That’s our theme for September-apples.  But this post is not about apples.

I write this post as one would write a family holiday newsletter when one has too many wonderful family members and a rather lengthy tale to tell-so rather than repeat it often or have it relayed inaccurately you write it down.

On Labor Day-some person, and I use that word loosely, opted to rob and vandalize Sugar. Specifically, my magical vintage Astoria espresso machine (http://usa.astoria.com/) and my coffee grinder. The espresso machine and I have been together for years and had a real relationship and met years ago at Koffee Katz in Surf City, NC and were re-united years later in order to open Sugar. She made superb espresso and gorgeous foam.  In a nutshell-someone came behind our counter and threw water directly into the outlet of both the espresso machine and the coffee grinder-ruining both the outlets and the “boards” on each machine. As a final whoop-de-doo whomever did this was made sure I lost all my dairy in my fridge and left with the starting till.

For a while, we will be without lattes and espresso sadly, as I formulate a game plan. We are not at all sure she can be fixed-she is old and the damage is great. The cost to replace her is insurmountable.

The silver lining in this story is that the old adage about you know who your friends are in times of crisis has never been more true! One of my favorite people, friend and customer (whom shall rename unnamed unless she wishes otherwise (D!)) offered genuine he;p coming from a place of pure friendship and a belief in what we do. While I couldn’t accept the gift the words of support were so helpful and reassuring that it made the gesture twice as wonderful.   

In another selfless gesture from the heart of one independent small business owner to another, Pomegranate Books (www.pombooks.net) offered to have a bake sale-fundraiser to help raise funds for new equipment. While I certainly can’t allow them to take that kind of time to do this event the gesture was overwhelming! This also made me feel so much better after what can truly only be described as a feeling of violation.

So to all my friends and supporters out there who have believed in us all along and put up with our weird hours and crazy antics-thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please continue to bear with us as we try to get the latte end of our world back up and running.

I realize there are much worse problems to have-this is not a crisis, per se, more than a large mental hiccup as I try to absorb the sheer magnitude of anger that was directed my way.  It is disturbing and I always find people who purposefully destroy things, waste food and steal most distasteful.

Thanks for having our backs. That’s the story-sad but true. How do you like them apples?

Memorial Day Hours

None!  Closed Sunday and Monday 5/27 and 5/28! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for making our Vanilla Sale a huge success!  See you Tuesday!

Dear Irene,

Dear Irene, what do you mean?

A-hammerin’ at our coast?

Must close my shop, coffee stop!

No bagels can I toast!

The scones, are gone-the pie case bare

The sight is most depressing.

You blow and spit without a care

Too whom you might be stressing.

Dear Irene, be a good girl

And whirl on out to sea

Take all the mosquitoes and no-see-ums with you

So we can eat pie in peace.

Sorry ya’ll we are CLOSED today and we’ll keep you posted about Saturday!  Keep safe and DON’T SURF!