Presents o’ mine part Duex.

As promised-here’s a continuance of the amazing bounty by my talented customers and friends!  Unfortunately I haven’t had the brains to photograph any of the stunning floral arrangements S.A.W. has been rolling up here with but next time I will-they are show stopping! 

Gnomes, aprons, Sugar bags, sugar plaques, sparkly ornaments, giant hand thrown mug, poems, a camera which is on loan so I could take the picutres!…A ROPE SWING-yup, a nob on my trash’s insanity!

I am quite spoiled and very tickled with all of my treasures! Thanks to all!

The strawberries are destined for smoothies, pies, cakes and homemade jam this week! Tomorrow the egg lady starts delivering and there is nothing like a Caramel Cream Cake with farm fresh eggs-or a Rhubarb Custard Pie with sunny yellow eggs,,,,,,

Thursday is also National Pecan Day and we will be tearing it up! See you then!

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Bookstore/Bakery/Microfarm in the South!

One thought on “Presents o’ mine part Duex.

  1. Such a pleasant GOOD NEWS post! We need more STARS!!!
    for rating this literarily droll & interesting stuff!
    Love it all! That BMC Pie is an epiphany!
    Color me drooling.


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