Azalea Festival…we’re out.

Whilst BLOOMING azaleas are undeniably lovely in their 3 days of glory, I am not a fan. The lackluster green leaves, spindly branches and root systems from beyond-not my thing.  I think we should switch to a Strawberry Festival! Think of the fun foods that would spawn!  Anyway, my point is, WE ARE CLOSED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY OF AZALEA WEEKEND. APRIL 9TH AND 10TH.  NO SUGAR FOR YOU. OR BOOKS. Please don’t think us cruel.  It’s just we do not want to deal with packs of sticky teenagers spilling slushies and tearing up the bathroom. We will resume on Monday-I swear!  Enjoy your weekend-it’s supposed to be gawdjus!

Luv ya-mean it!


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