Sugar Island!

Bittersweet Bombshell!

Okay, I was going to save this for Monday but figured nobody would think it was a funny April Fool’s joke!  After three years, Sugar is leaving Front Street.  As you all know, the amount of baking has increased… which is GREAT but the day has finally come where we have outgrown our digs!!

Thank you all for your love and support and friendship!! We are moving our kitchen but you will now be able to find Sugar at all of the following locations:

Pine Valley MarketCourthouse Coffee Down East ConnectBurgaw Antiqueplace



And these Farmer’s Markets:

Wrightsville Beach Farmer's MarketCarolina Beach Farmer's Market

AND COMING SOON TO AN ISLAND ,well not very near you, but near and dear to my heart-

Sugar Island!

Don’t worry, though, personal delivery will still be available for your pie, scone, whoopie and Cheddar Pig fixes!  Just consult your office mates, sister, neighbor or pie loving buddy and place an order and we will bring it your office or home!

Love to you all!!    We are so excited!!


Espresso 003

Thursday is Going To Be Fun!

images imagesCAQTJJU2 imagesCASMSLE0I have so many things to tell you! As you know, we have a lot of great partners in town and the surrounding areas and now ee have some more ventures to fill you in on. I LOVE books. Especially all books. I loved the library and bookstores as a kid and don’t think I ever go anywhere without a book. Neither do my kids. Or my siblings. Or my mom. Shoot, if I could teach the goats to read I would!

Oh yes, anywho, we always do treats for Pomegranate Books story hour on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Their story hour is bilingual also ( additionally, we do the treats for Story Hour at the Wilmington Railroad Museum ( which is the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. Well, now we are hooking up with the New Hanover Public Library to offer treats at their assorted story times-and there are SO MANY! Obviously, we will be skipping the Yoga Storytime as nobody like cooky crumbs on their Downward Facing Dog now do they? Click the pdf link below for the full story time schedule! Library Story Time0001

We are back to our regularly scheduled program with Down East Connect, as well(

In talks with 2 restaurants that you all know and love to do their desserts-will explain when all the details are final.

Where’s another free place to get some Sugar? Why CopyCat Print Shop, of course. ( On Thursdays, starting TOMORROW, go on in there and get some copies made or some documents printed and snack on one of our cookies. Every Thursday. Plan your week around it and offer to do ALL the copying for your friends and co-workers-they will think you are awesome and you don’t EVER have to tell them!

And then to complete tomorrow’s awesomeness, we are now getting our Espresso beans roasted in Burgaw by our friends at Courthouse Coffee ( Besides using this to make our famous lattes and cappuccino we will be using it to make the Espresso Brownies and Double Chocolate Espresso Muffins that we sell in our shop and that they sell at Courthouse.

AND, Wednesday, January 23rd is National Pie Day. We will celebrate this year by offering coffee or tea for $1.23 a cup with any slice of pie! Also, all whole pies will be on special for $14-PRE-ORDER ONLY-girt certificates do NOT apply to this crazy deal.

So, that’s what’s new for this week! Not too shabby. Next week we will put up our Valentine’s and Washington Day Menu.

Happy January, everybody.

Oh. And there’s a new baby goat. His name is CADBURY. Pictures soon****