Saying Good-Bye to July and Hello to Harry!


The wedding phase in my family is now complete and life will return to its vaguely normal pace, I assume! Thank you for your patience during our travels.  A wonderful time was had and the memories are beautiful!



Yes, all my family members are insanely gorgeous people. These are not stock photos.

But to keep the party feeling going, this Sunday we are having AN INSANE AFFAIR.


Story Hour begins at 3 p.m. They will read 2 different stories, children of all ages invited:)

As to Harry Potter, there will be Butter Beer and Butter Beer Lattes, Pumpkin Juice Sodas, Pumpkin Whoopies, Chocolate Frogs and all manner of wands and sparkles as well as special edition coloring books and cuddly stuffed owls! The fun runs until 6!

And in case you haven’t heard, we now have REALDEAL beer! Mr. Smith is still finalizing his own brews but in the meantime we have a beautifully curated selection of beers in-house and some gorgeous pairing ideas as well! The famed photographer and journalist Mr. Paul Stephen did a brief write-up!Check out this fun Star News article!  Beer at Sugar Island!


In short-this Sunday, July 31, will be MAGICAL!! Sweet bits and savory bits, a gorgeous sale on all fantasy books and classics in the genius vein (C.S. Lewis) and fun surprises and decorations EVERYWHERE!! We can’t wait to see you and DORK OUT TOGETHER!!


Happy Charm from HP


You will NOT believe who’s coming!!!!!




That’s Right!!! The gloriously charming and beautiful Christy English will be at the shop IN PERSON on Saturday, June 11 from 2ish to 3ish! She will be signing books, answering questions, posing for photos and being absolutely lovely!  On our end, we will be serving SYLLABUB and tiny, mini wedding cake cupcakes in keeping with the theme of “How to Wed a Warrior”. Talk about the ultimate beach read!!!

“Ever since Christy English picked up a fake sword in stage combat class at the age of fourteen, she has lived vicariously through the sword-wielding women of her imagination. Sometimes an actor, always a storyteller, Christy works happily with Sourcebooks Casablanca to bring the knife-throwing women of her novels to life. A banker by day and a writer by night, she loves to eat chocolate, drink too many soft drinks, and walk the mountain trails of her home in western North Carolina.”

HOW TO WED A WARRIOR “English’s latest is a lighthearted tale that drops a very proper British woman-in-hiding into an outlandish Scottish family.” – RT Book Reviews

What is syllabub? Oh dear. Well, below is a link to a brief description. Think frothy, frivolous booze!


Did you see our new website yet? So fun to explore!! We are still tweaking it-of course!

And yes-should you  feel like completely treating yourself to a decadent book, naturally you also need a new sparkly bauble and our in-house jewelry artist will be there with some new selections!

All romance books will be BOGO on Saturday and any Pen and Journal combo will be $6.12 in honor of the date!

Can’t wait to see you Saturday! We will also be posting the Father’s Day Menu and summer hours this Sunday. Stay tuned! Below is a little more info on Ms. English to astonish you EVEN further!




Takin’ our sticky selves to Boston

If you have been in the shop in the last 4 months you have UNDOUBTEDLY spoken to Tanis about THE YEAR OF THE WEDDINGS! Both siblings are getting married in different states this years so we are in an absolute tizzy! What does this mean we need from you, loyal customer? Other than safe travel wishes, it also means patience with unconventional business hours in addition to loving the unusual side perks of the baker being away!

So the way THIS week is going to work is Thursday 5/12 we will be closing at 2 p.m. to get us on the road with loads of kids and cakes and suits and ties (feel free to hum some Justin Timberlake in there-to jazz things up). Friday we will be open from 10-2 with the Claudia and Jelena show in full effect and Saturday we will have #cakeslabsaturdaychocolate cream cake

like old days! Meaning, Saturday WILL have pie and cake and cheesecake by the slice but NOT cinnamon rolls, jam bars etc…more dessert and coffee heavy.

Once we return we will be BRINGING BACK SUNDAYS!! But we will get to that part later!

Be kind and lovely to my girls while we are gone! Check in on them, make them feel loved and be sure to see the fun sales they are getting to run while we are gone! We will keep you up to speed with our culinary and historical adventures as we attend this very special family celebration in Boston!

(Speaking of which, have you ever read up on the Boston Molasses spill??? Molasses Mayhem!)

Sunday May 1st, it’s a date!

Well. obviously, it’s a date for goodness sake, but NOW it’s an even more specialerererer date!

I have a plant problem. I hoard them-is that the right word? Probably not since I also try to strong-arm others into buying more plants. Regardless, this year we are expounding on last year’s “herb-in-a-tea-cup” and having a whole MAY DAY FESTIVAL and trunk show!

From 12-3 there will be a tent full of lovely herbs and plants, fresh berries and cut flowers for arranging. There will be beribboned hula hoops and flower crowns, frothy cups of festive punch, lovely handmade Mother’s Day cards PLUS STAMPS so that you can mail them right away!!, a special Mother’s Day still life fashion show courtesy of Sandy Toes and a glittering Sara Webster trunk show and sale. Sara will be offering an exclusive special  NC Sand Dollar Imprint Handmade Earring and 18” Necklace Set

Sterling and Fine Silver

Special Mother Day Event Pricing $78

(while supplies last)sand dollar necklace
order by May 1st.

Upstairs is finally opened, and while I will continue to rearrange the furniture like a maniac, at least you now have your favorite spot to meet a friend, spread out with a snack and a book or dig in and finish writing your novel! If only I could pipe in the Wonka music as you crest the top of the stairs…

We hope to see you Sunday May 1st! It will be lovely, rain or shine!Herb-Tea-Cup-may basketsmay daywedding cake





Because, we Love you!

Instead of Valentine’s Date Night this year we are opting for “Date Day!” Sunday, February 14, we will be open from 12-4 serving a variety of lovely pies and cakes by the slice in addition to having some specialty coffee and tea drinks available. There will be swanky music, bunches of flowers and glowing candles for a fun and relaxing afternoon!  If you know you are coming, we would love to know ahead of time but also feel free to show up on a whim!

Since Monday, January 15th is Washington’s birthday, we will be celebrating it on Saturday the 13th and featuring some recipes from Martha Washington’s cookbook in addition to Cherry Danishes and Cherry Jam bars. We are saving the Cherry Pie for NATIONAL CHERRY PIE DAY which falls on Saturday, February 20th, and where we will have fresh cherry pies available whole and by the slice! Park 7-sour cherries!!

To keep it interesting on the 20th we will also be having a BABY SHOWER  Baby Shower Evite featuring beautiful handmade baby clothes, blankets and gifts as well as fun recipes and party ideas for upcoming showers you might be throwing! (Needless to say, my family was fairly alarmed when they saw ME throwing a baby shower…) baboon

If you can’t make it to us on DATE DAY or before, the following restaurants will have fun and festive Valentine’s cakes AND Cheesecakes by the slice or little to-go packs of adorable, natural and tasty Valentine treat packs: Kornerstone Bistro (cake by the slice), Daddy Mac’s (cheesecakes), Village Cafe (cake by the slice), Epic Food Co. (to go packs), Sister’s Organic Market (to go packs).

As to the fun stuff we will have at the shop…as you know, please pre-order on whole cakes and pies:).

Red Velvet Cake-$30.00 (Yes, you have NEVER seen this on the menu before. Somebody pleaded and wheedled so here it is…)

Mocha Madness-$32.00 chocolate cake filled with raspberry and frosted with mocha buttercream topped with wee chocolate hearts

Strawberry Sweetheart-$33 vanilla cake filled with strawberry jam and frosted with strawberry buttercream

OSPBK’s-what are these?? Old School Peanut Butter Kisses-old school peanut butter thumbprint cookies with chubby Hershey’s kisses

Cherry Pie-$18.00

RTC-adorable Russian Tea cakes in red, pink and white

Cheddar Pigs-the classic but with teeny pink hearts on the label $4.00

And of course, some manner of cutesy cupcake with little conversation hearts…


Days of National Tastiness and Hyper-classiness.

I adore pens that write well. There is no end to my obsession with people with glorious handwriting and dedicated journal writing. January 23rd is National Handwriting Day which we will celebrate, of course, with a sale on our wonderful Retro 51 pens and our wide selection of locally made Sara Webster journals and a fun selection of “writerly” themed snacks! (You know, Jo March gingerbread, Samuel Pepys cheese twists, Susan Branch lemon crisps-surely you have heard of these loyal journal keepers!)

But before that elegant day arrives, Thursday January 14th is National Pastrami Day and our friends and neighbors at the New York Corner Deli are celebrating by having their amazing Reubens 2 for $14!! Therefore, I can order 4, for a good cause!!!

And winding up the month is the day all 3 of my boys LIVE for, NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY on January 27th. It is a Wednesday. There will be a mind-boggling selection of chocolate cakes by the slice, filled with caramels and creams, ganaches and toffees, raspberries and pecans, champagnes and Gran Marnier. Decadent it will be. You should plan ahead. Commit yourself to a quiet, chocolate-soaked hour of simple pleasure.

Many new lovely things are coming to Sugar this Spring! One of them is FINALLY our own garden plot just for us! We are just getting ready to clear and will begin the framework and dirt-hauling soon!

In the meantime, I had a chance to visit a sublime spot today Old River Farms where we get our bright bites of sunshine-filled strawberries, and our tasty grass-fed beef and beautiful poinsettias and stunning succulents and whimsical terrariums by GreenDrop Gardens . It was a cloudless day, crisply cold and absolutely perfect.

Stay warm, dream big and eat thoughtfully.





New Year’s Eve 2016 and News to Use!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for letting us be part of your family’s celebrations and for choosing to support local artists, authors, craftsmen and farmers!

This year, we had so very many customers come in and reminisce about things that their family members made over the holidays. The power of smell is such a strong thing and can unearth the most wonderful memories and fascinating stories. When someone starts to remember a moment like that-encourage them! Hear them out, write down the recipe or the method or the name! I learn something new about food and baking every day and consider it a “day lost when a recipe is not jotted down in her binder…” (“Jane of Lantern Hill” L.M. Montgomery).

We will reopen New Year’s Eve for treats for your holiday, a chance to stock up before we close for a minute and for some INSANE SALES!  As is our tradition, in January we close to do inventory and renovations. Not for long-usually just a week! This year’s renovations are in preparation for our late Spring surprise! So it won’t really make sense until then BUT I am getting a new sink-so that’s fun! (I will take this moment to preach part of our “mission statement”. When I say “new equipment” it is ALWAYS used as I am a firm believer in recycling and supporting local and I am madly smitten with Cape Fear Restaurant Equipment. For those of you who long for more professional, functional kitchen tools, this is the place to go. They welcome home cooks as readily as they do crazy people like me. Actually, they would probably prefer you:)


*Books buy 2 get 1 free (excludes the super rare collection). NO. LIMIT. Dealers welcome.

*Sprecher’s 2 packs for $12

*Sara Webster Jewelry $5 off earrings, $10 off necklaces


Our neighbor Sandy Toes Boutique  has some delightful sales going on as well 50-75% off of some incredible clothes and accessories!

New Year’s Eve Menu!

Silver-n-Gold luck cookies-our constantly sold out Russian Tea Cakes, rolled in both gold and silver sanding sugars are a delicious accompaniment to champagne or make a lovely hostess gift. 12 to a box. $10

Make A Wish Cake-tender 4 layer  vanilla cake studded with raspberries filled with a mascarpone cream layered with champagne soaked blackberries frosted with vanilla bean buttercream and topped with sparkling pearl sugar $32.00 (my personal favorite :)!)

Chocolate is Timeless-much like a chocolate ice box cake-this lovely and decadent cake features thin layer of chocolate cake filled with alternating layers of Nutella, fresh whipped cream and chocolate mousse. Frosted with chocolate buttercream and decorated with the hands of the clock to ring in the New Year-this cake is festive and delicious! (This cake is usually Shawn’s birthday cake!) $35

Cheddar Pigs-6 for $4 ‘cuz what’s a party without a pig?

Kale Cornbread-honoring 2 Southern superstitions at once! Eating greens and cornbread on New Year’s Day is a must in our house! kale flecked bacon cornbread $6.50

As always, please order ahead. or 910.254.1110

*this selection is also available for delivery to Epic Food Co on New Year’s Eve morning. Pricing will vary slightly. Must be pre-ordered!!