Moonshine, Mixers and Father’s Day-naturally.

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Father’s Day approacheth and naturally one’s thoughts turn to moonshine, non?  Recently I was given a fantastic gift triumvirate-Peppers, Magnolia blossoms and moonshine jelly!  This is a gift that could only come from a real friend and a food fanatic (!  If you ever want awesome, authentic strudel this IS the place to go!

For Dad’s Day we have some of the best cards, as you can see, and a reversible Seal Team 6 bbq apron for the grilling, manly-man!

Local honey-looking dazzling next to our sunny honey wands!

‘Tis the season for local blackberries in our pies and scones, juicy Bolivia peach pies and turnovers and all things blueberry!

AND I was gifted ANOTHER mixer! This one I have never, ever seen before-Magic Mills bread mixer-not to be confused with a bread machine-no sirree! A real bread mixer with a dough arm-Thanks Mr. Higgins! I’m so excited!

June is shaping up to be great-lots of yummy things in season and we’re happy to announce a Mary Jane’s FarmGirl Chapter ( that will be meeting in the shop on July 14th.  Don’t worry-more details soon!

Yes-those are cupcakes you see. People kept requesting them-so I’ve been doing some… And we had Tres Leches cake which I thought was quite yummy!  I see I have worn you out with exclamation marks, I do apologize but they are so, so fun.

If you wanted something for your daddy-o this weekend don’t wait too long to call-the order board is filling  up!

P.S. That, my friends, is a Raspberry Rhubarb Pie!



2 thoughts on “Moonshine, Mixers and Father’s Day-naturally.

  1. ! ! ! ! Don’t have to even have a dad or a grill to love this post ! ! ! !

    Eastern Europe can have consonants…Cuz we L ! O ! V ! E points of


    BIG ! !

    T I M E !
    & need them to exclaim about your great baked goods
    in a fireworks ‘n’ fun filled shop!
    Somebody (named Mrs. T I bet ) did some awesome still life pics, too!

    Just look what the English lost when we had to kick them out :

    Happy Fourth of July

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