Logan Leprechaun Luna Pop

I am sure you are assuming that’s the name of one of my pets-but no.  March is St. Patrick’s Day and since my house is riddled with Shawns and Patricks and Logans and Connors, it gets a little leprechaunish over here. And, we are getting Luna Pops back in this weekend and it started with an “L” so I just rolled with it.

In other news-Date night was a spectacular success!  As I mentioned, Luna Pops will be back in stock this weekend for all of our organic popsicle lovers!  And the espresso machine is up and running!! We are once again offering espresso, lattes and cappuccino!

Local honey, Holy Smokes Smoked Olive Oil and Sunshine Energy Drinks are all back in stock-all locally produced treats that we are madly in love with-for good reason!

Even though St. Patrick’s Day is on a Tuesday, WE WILL BE OPEN FROM 10-2 so you may pick up fresh treats to accompany your meals!  The following treats will be available starting this weekend through St. Patrick’s Day. Please call ahead to reserve your snacks!

This year we are pleased to offer:

Bailey’s Irish Creme-dark chocolate muffin studded with mini chocolate chips and swirled with Bailey liqueur and cream cheese
Oatmeal Crunch-oat and barley muffin sweetened with honey-brightened with orange zest-gluten-free-high fiber and protein
Scones-Savory $2.00
Shamrock Scones-kale, spinach and aged Irish cheddar make this scone healthy, delicious and a happy nod to St. Patrick’s Day
Scones-Sweet $2.00
Almond Date Scones-sweet, chewy and crunchy
Oatmeal Currant-an Irish must during March
Irish Creme Brownies
Whiskey Walnut Brownies
Irish Soda Breads:$5.50
Classic with currants and caraway
Caraway Free
Beer Bread-dark beer bread (Guinness o’ course) loaded with chunks of Irish Cheddar and spiked with black pepper. Insanely yummy with Irish stew! $6.50
Shamrock Shaped Sugar Cookies with the obligatory green sparkly sprinkles
Irish Shortbread made with Kerrygold butter-an excellent keeper and so delicious with hot tea
Irish Creme Cake-rich chocolate cake flavored with Bailey’s irish creme filled with a Kahlua Caramal and frosted with chocolate buttercream-studded with mini chocolate chips $33.00
Pot O’ Gold Cake-rich yellow Irish pound cake brushed with whiskey and filled and frosted with caramel and accented with Vanilla Sea Salt $29.00
Buttermilk Whiskey Pie in a crisp and flaky pastry crust $15.00
Guinness Pecan Pie-chocolatey, gooey pie with a lovely hint of bitterness from the Guinness, the crunch of local pecans and the salty-complement of a homemade pretzel crust $18.00
and of course Blarney Stone Granola! ($6)
See you soon!




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Sugar, yes please!

As my dear friend B.Workmon says “Valentine’s Day blah, blah, blech.”  To which I say “CHOCOLATE AND CHERRIES AND DIAMONDS AND FLOWERS AND PET JERSEY COWS!!”  See, I asked for a reindeer at Christmas and I got a much-cherished reindeer book from a dear out-of-state friend and a link to an “adopt-a-reindeer” farm from another in-state dear friend! Now I am trying for a Jersey cow!

While we have always had Valentine’s Day specials, this year we are having date night!!  We will be staying open till 8:30 p.m. Saturday the 14th (or later if it gets REALLY out of control!) and there will be bowers of flowers and trillions of twinkle lights and croony Bing Crosby-esque music plus a luscious selection of special occasion desserts such as:

Black bottom creme brulee’, Chocolate lava cakes, Strawberry whipped cream cakes, Cheesecake with raspberry coulis and all manner of pies to be served with fresh whipped cream or homemade ice cream.  So come for a dessert date-it will be fun!!

Otherwise for school snacks, office treats or party type indulgences you can order:

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons $2.00

Cupcakes topped with a chocolate dipped strawberry $2.75 each

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies $2.25

Strawberry Pound Cake $6.00

Sour Cherry Pie $18

Peanut Butter Pie with Hot Fudge Sauce $16.00

X and O cupcakes-chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and valentine themed sprinkles-$11 a 1/2 dozen.

Also, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked Maroon 5 to write a theme song for the shop. Which they did.

Thanks Maroon 5.



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NATIONAL PIE DAY IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


photo download download (1) 10685457_801135483273363_5980072322028682108_n National-Pie-Day


People like pie. Why not celebrate National Pie Day if you are one of those people???  Friday is National Pie Day (not to be confused with National Pi Day 3/14 which we also celebrate!!) and we are going to have all manner of pies; whole, by the slice, hand pies, creme pies…!

Feel free to call or FB or email in your favorites and requests-we will be open till 5, st least with PIES GALORE!!

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Another hole in the wall…


Since we couldn’t be outside in this foul coldness we put a hole in the wall! You guys said you missed the bakery smell when we expanded and our Wilmington folks said they missed the seating we had downtown and SO! Now you have two floors of seating, a gracious arch in the wall to allow the baking smells to waft about and #cakeslabSaturday and #piebythesliceSunday to bring back some of the specials we featured at Sugar on Front St.  To date, #piebythesliceSunday has been going for 4 months now and has been a lot of fun!

King cakes are available now thru Tuesday the 17th. Available in a 10″ round or a 12″x 18″ sheet pan. These King Cakes are cream cheese filled with a baby tucked inside and garishly decorated with frosting and green, yellow and purple sprinkled. 10″ $18.00 Sheet pan $28.00.  Please order ahead.

January 23rd is National Pie Day!! So we will be having pie by the slice that day in addition to our #piebytheslicesunday!

New to you is #cakeslabSaturday where we will be offering two different types of the cake by the slice in addition to our normal case full o’ tasties!

The Valentine’s Day menu will be up early next week.

Our winter hours are as such:

Thursday 10-4 Friday-Saturday 10-5 Sunday 10-4 Monday-Wednesday you are welcome to order for pickup. We WILL BE OPEN Monday 19 10-3 since it will be a long weekend and Connor wants to work the counter!

We can’t wait for you to come in and see the changes! We had so much fun putting it together and it is full of gifts from friends in the form of art, furniture, pillows, dishes- (Susan Wilson, Donna Meinhold, Shelly Laine, Pattons, Barnetts, Cec Meinhold, Louise Eisenhauer…) Thank you Thank you!! chocolate thunder hole in wall king cake National-Pie-Day pistachiao-cake-2_picnik super-strawberry-cake wedding cake

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Lucky Little Munchies for New Year’s Eve!

Thank you for a fun and tasty Christmas!! I was the lucky beneficiary of lots of delicious handmade treats from chefs and bakers of all ages and it was such a treat!! We so enjoyed taking part of all your holiday traditions and getting to hear the festivities you had planned for your friends and family and pets!!

Our family kind of blows it out on New Year’s Eve to ensure luck for the New Year and it hasn’t failed us yet! We always eat 12 grapes at midnight and have Chocolate coin cake with champagne and THEN on New Year’s Day we do pork and greens and collards and cornbread AND LOTS OF COFFEE for wealth and health and luck!

We will be open Saturday 12/27 and Sunday 12/28 10-4 with all Christmas items 50% off. Monday-Wednesday we will be open 10-3 and we will be closed New Year’s Day and reopen January 8th with lots of surprises! You may still place orders throughout this time as will still be working on wholesale. We will simply arrange pickup times!

This New Year’s Eve we are offering the following menu below. As always, please call, email or FB ahead of time so we can make sure to have enough on hand!

Chocolate Coin Cake-a fudgy chocolate bundt cake studded with dark chocolate and dulcey bits frosted with vodka buttercream accents and with a single gold coin hidden inside. (Circular objects signify luck!)-$22.00

Chocolate Dipped Gold dusted Coconut Macaroon Fortune Cookies!-our signature macaroons dipped in dark Valrhona chocolate and brushed with edible gold dust-each macaroon has a fortune tucked in side-$2.00 each

Kale Cornbread-a lovely accent to pork and black-eyed peas, our house cornbread with bits of roasted kale and bacon. $6.00

Sticky Champagne Cake- a light champagne batter layer cake filled with thin layers of Comice Pear compote and frosted with Vanilla Bean frosting and coated with a dark, caramelly toffee glaze $28.00

Pistachio Crunch Cake-moist and tender spice cake studded with toasted pecans and filled and frosted with cream cheese frosting and accented with bright green pistachio morsels $30.00

And as always- Cheddar Pigs-a fun treat to serve with champagne-pigs are ALWAYS lucky~cheddar_pigs choco stout coffee-3755-400x250 cornbread nye macaroons pistachiao-cake-2_picnik

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Our Christmas Gift to You!!

Dear faithful blog reader and website followers-our Christmas gift to you!  Thursday or Friday, please mention your subscription to the blog, website, Facebook or Twitter and take 50 percent off ONE of our beloved and coveted books, thcotchkes or food stuffs.  This does not extend to baked goods but DOES include all other items on the floor (yes, EVEN the items in the glass case!)  (One sale per household.)

We will also have a lovely selection of teacher gifts ready to go tomorrow morning that you may phone in to have delivered to North Topsail Elementary tomorrow afternoon or Friday a.m. or simply to pick up on your way! 910.254.1110

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Whoop up on Wednesday for a Marvelous Monday!

CYBER SALE!!!! For all your food-centric relatives or hard to buy for friends we are having a SUPER SALE!! You MUST ORDER BEFORE 8 P.M. WEDNESDAY EVENING!  These orders are to be shipped out on Monday or picked up in-store, on Monday. You may order via FB, email or the shop phone. Contact information below!  The following shipping specials and in store specials are being run:


“My family is NUTS” box $25.00- One bag each of our signature Sugared Pecans and BBQ Pecans and 2 Gingerbead Men with your customized enclosure card. This price covers shipping via UPS anywhere in the continental USA. Ships out Monday.

“Christmas A-plenty” box-$75.00-all three types of our Pecans, Cheddar Pigs, Jam Bars, Christmas Coffee, Gingerbread Men, Fruitcake, Biscotti, Apple Cider Granola, Reindeer Food, Sugarplum Pound cake and a handfelted-locally made Santa Claus make this an amazing box of gracious goodness for a favorite friend, relative or office. This price covers shipping via UPS anywhere in the continental USA. Ships out Monday


Christmas Carol Cupcakes-an excellent office or teacher gift-show up with a box of a dozen of our assorted cupcakes all festively decorated and in a be-ribboned box $17.00 (ordinarily $24.00!!)

Cheddar Pig Parade-for the pig-lover in your family-our best selling cracker-2 dozen for $14.00 (normally $16.00) CHEDDAR PIGS ARE NEVER ON SALE-ASK ANYBODY!!!



Below please find our contact information and the current December menu. We will be open from Thursday, December 11 every day through Christmas Eve when we will close at 4. We will reopen the Saturday after Christmas and have a New Year’s Eve menu to join you in ringing in the New Year!




p.s. if anybody asks I want a reindeer for christmas. thanks.

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