If it hadn’t been for these, you wouldn’t have got those!


Mr. Kingsnake
Mr. Kingsnake
Snake Deflectors!
Snake Deflectors!

Yesterday, lalala ,no I will not destroy the classic Beatles song, but yesterday was my birthday!  I received lots of super presents, one of which cracked me up and the other which cracked me up and saved my butt!  My friends at Re-Eco, next door gave me these amazing pig-and-pearl earrings that they MADE! My aunt gave me these WILD galoshses. COWGIRL BOOT PAISLEY GALOSHES. Genius.  However.  There was a party pooper.  Meet Mr. Kingsnake.  Me and my galoshes and the dawgs had to summarily shoo Mr. Kingsnake who apparently thought he had arrived at KFRC.  (Kentucky Free Range Chicken.)  So, had it not been for my boots and lucky earrings I might not have been able to make the Lime Zinger cookies, the baby Peanut Butter Bites and Goobers-chocolate covered peanuts wrapped in peanut butter cookie dough and baked!  P.S. The people who left the sign about vegan goodies on the shop? We’ll have a vegan, spelt and gluten free selection!

Made for me by Re-Eco!
Pink Pig Party!Eat Me!


Things I Need!

I forgot! I am collecting old glass pitcher blenders for flower vases, preferably blender on a base! So if they are lidless, non-working, whatever, I’ll take them for props! I’ve found a few at yard sales that were free because they were no longer good for kitchen use. Keep your eyes peeled for me! Thanks!

Technology is NOT sweet.

No, I did not dissolve like a sugar cube in hot tea. My over-zealous computer blocked me from my blog! I finally fixed it after a few tears and threats of disemboweling the hard drive (can you even do that?).  Pretty exciting couple of days. Today’s my birthday, soooo old…  Got a mini mention in the local news, knew nothing about it till a customer told me this morning!  Came up with a lime cookie recipe that is absolutely scary it’s so good. You can’ t stop eating them! Even my chocolate fiend of a husband liked them!  Making lots of cookies and biscotti tonight so I will put up photos later!  The really exciting news, well, I have to see if I have permission to share it first and if I do, well then, of course I’ll tell you!  Also, Madame Gwenyfar put a “Cafe’ Tab” on her www.oldbooksonfrontst.com website so we are linked up!


Needed: Guinea Pigs with Ideas.

It’s time to fine tune the menu.  If you will recommend a muffin or cookie that you would like to see in our little slice of heaven I will make it and you can try the results and critique them!  I’ll be waiting to hear back…

No, dear husband, you do not get to play.


cooler door on far left
I told you I take bad pics!

oh lonely salad barSaturday, my charming husband and his long-suffering friend Bob went down to the un-airconditioned space to salvage the walk-in cooler door and a very, very old salad bar. My vision is to mount the cooler door-a really cool-looking wooden door-atop the salad bar for my cash register counter! The items were slated for the dumpster, but as the pics show they have lots of years left in them yet!  The space looks 1000 times different then it did as Liverpool Deli.  They have completely gutted the inside, taking it down to the original brick walls and awesome tile floor.  The layers revealed some super funky old wallpaper that could not be salvaged, but we did get some good photos. Everything we could find about the walk-in door points to the early 1900’s which is awesome!  During the clearing they found a bank of skylights across the backwall that had been long covered up. Now the building is coming back to life! It’s definitely a she.  She’s very happy that Gwenyfar and family have purchased her and are going to lovingly restore her to her former glory.  Peek in the window next time you go by…

Directionally Challenged…

Sugar on Front St. will be co-existing with Old Books on Front St-249 N. Front Street across from the NPR building! I will be posting blurry pictures as we progress but if you are walking by feel free to observe our progress! We are using all made in the USA materials and a large amount of NC materials!

You’ve heard of a sugarbowl-how’s about a dustbowl?

assorted sugar-y things


Unearthed some nifty treasures in the attic of our new “old” building today!  The husband and I are completely covered in dust, probably asbestos and some mass quantities of lead paint for good measure.  Funky old napkin holders, cafe’ style coffee mugs…it was great! And, despite the building approaching 100 years old, it feels really happy in there! No negative spirruts zipping around-this is a good thing since I will be spending a late night-early morning in there makin’ the dough. HAHAHHAH! So many double meanings there-funnneee!

Had to churn out some teacher gifts-decided to play with some recipes as their gifts-everthing tasted yummy but the pics are pretty sad-use your imagination!  I bake-not photograph!

Toffee Cream Brownies Raspberrry Fudgies Cream Cheese Nutmeg Pound Cake Brown Sugar Cooky Chews

All Sugared Up!

Because I have so much free time I decided to invite my nearest and dearest to help me embark on my dream project-opening a mini-bakery inside of a classic used and rare bookstore in a 100 year old building in Downtown Wilmington, NC.  You, dear enraptured reader, are going to help me juggle a 12 year old, an 11 month old, a darling husband who counts as a 3rd child, a 4 month old bloodhound mix puppy, a super-stalker German Shepherd, Mr. Petunia and Mr. Stinky-felines extraordinaire, and 7 feathered fowl while we continue managing Great Harvest and opening up Sugar on Front St.!

Should be good! We’re going to test recipes, learn about the ins and outs of small business, occasionally post pictures, cry, gain weight, and hopefully end up slightly sticky but open by Labor Day!

Am I narcissistic? Nope, but I know people who like to eat and I know that you guys will comment and give me all the additional ideas and honesty that a second set of eyes and ears can provide!

Here we go…

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