Labor of Love!

lemon cookies IMG_0232 lemon cupcake caramel brownies pecan cakeLabor Day is here again!  To break with tradition, we will have the Island shop open on Wednesday 11-6, Thur 11-6 and Fr 11-6!  Because it is technically the last weekend to wear white we are celebrating with all sorts of frosty white confections! Be sure to place your order for delivery or pick up in advance or visit us at Carolina Beach Market on Saturday or Wrightsville Beach on Monday!

Double Apple Pie $18.00

NC Peach Pie $18.00

Double Vanilla Cupcakes $1.75 each

Coconut Custard Cupcakes $1.75 each

White Chocolate Chip Cupcakes $1.75 each

Sour Cherry Pie $18.00

Frosted Lemon Cookies $6.00 for a 1/2 dozen

Cherry Blueberry Scones $1.85 each


Happy Mother’s Day and G.O. Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends who were crazy enough to have children!!  What were we thinking? What were our mom’s thinking?? Do not answer either one of those questions, please.

The shop is coming along nicely-below is the view from my oven-so bright and sunny!! No more mole hole for me!  We are setting a Grand Opening Date for Thursday June 6th-and having the party continue all through the weekend-we were going to say Saturday but that’s a Market Day-so…

I am so excited for you to see all the wonderful new things we have!! Mrs. Ruth ( went crazy and our jam selection is HUGE! We have local honey coming in from Nature’s Way and Ti Wind Apiaries, Green Family Farm ( made us some beautiful soaps and awesome koozies, and the shelves are groaning with pickles from Angela ( and sauces from Rum Island (!!! Jess Demaria has made some amazing new art ( in the form of highly collectible greeting cards and we will have the most adorable earrings from Re-Eco ( AND we have our new t-shirts, tank tops and mugs!!!!  Plus coffee from our friends at Java Estate and Brown Dog Coffee Company ( available by the pound.

On top of which I have SO MUCH MORE ROOM TO BAKE!!! So there will be more cookies, pies, scones, muffins, pigs, pecans, granola AND we have 2 of our very own custom coffee blends available NOWHERE else! We also have smoothies now made from only the bestest fruit and using Greek yogurt and MOCHA SHAKES!!! As Connor says, “It’s gonna be amaaaaazing!”

So you can knock yourself out stocking your shelves with locally made treasures and then I will pack you a box of treats and make you a frosty drink and show you a set of wooden steps that you can traipse over to enjoy your indulgences on THE BEACH!!! And there is FREE AMPLE PARKING! Nary a meter maid in sight!!

And did I mention we have selection of vintage cookbooks?????

So-again-Happy Mother’s Day to you hard working Mommies-I hope your day is filled with love and appreciation and something yummy!! See you tomorrow at the Wrightsville Beach Farmer’s Market (!


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Bittersweet Bombshell!

Okay, I was going to save this for Monday but figured nobody would think it was a funny April Fool’s joke!  After three years, Sugar is leaving Front Street.  As you all know, the amount of baking has increased… which is GREAT but the day has finally come where we have outgrown our digs!!

Thank you all for your love and support and friendship!! We are moving our kitchen but you will now be able to find Sugar at all of the following locations:

Pine Valley MarketCourthouse Coffee Down East ConnectBurgaw Antiqueplace



And these Farmer’s Markets:

Wrightsville Beach Farmer's MarketCarolina Beach Farmer's Market

AND COMING SOON TO AN ISLAND ,well not very near you, but near and dear to my heart-

Sugar Island!

Don’t worry, though, personal delivery will still be available for your pie, scone, whoopie and Cheddar Pig fixes!  Just consult your office mates, sister, neighbor or pie loving buddy and place an order and we will bring it your office or home!

Love to you all!!    We are so excited!!


Happy 2013!

So many, many thanks to all our loyal friends, family and customers. It has been quite a year! From magazine publications, TV interviews and film crews and debuts it’s kept us hopping.

We have done a ton of weddings and all went well-oh, except for the restaurant downtown that LOST THE WEDDING CAKE. Yeah, that happened. They eventually found it and delivered it to the couple’s hotel AFTER THE WEDDING.

We had a lot of fun rolling out custom coffee blends and lattes-till the shop was vandalized. That was no fun. Luckily, our friends at Astoria in Greensboro and our friends at Java Estate here in Hampstead were able to come to the rescue and save our espresso machine! Not so for the coffee bean grinder but you can’t win ’em all!

We got goats and chickens and a new puppy this year-just so we were NEVER bored!

Logan started high school-crazy!

We partnered with some wonderful chefs and artisans here in our 120 mile radius to provide you guys with the best honey, jams, soaps, salsas and pickles and to in turn provide them with some pretty tasty treats for their establishments as well!

In a world that can seem overwhelming with the sadness and violence and strife, I continue to feel that providing a place for people to come for a smile and a bite of happiness is a good thing to do. There have been quite a few baffling moments this year and I can only take from them that it is truly important to spend huge amounts of time with your loved ones-whether they be biological family or family of your making-and appreciate the talents you have, the things you enjoy and the freedoms we have.

That being said, there will be changes at Sugar this 2013. Some of them effective immediately, others effective February 1. Our hours are changing-starting this week-we will no longer be open on Saturdays. You can still get orders on Saturday but we will schedule a pick-up time or provide delivery. Effective February 1, 2013, the hours of the shop will be 9:30-3:00 Monday thru Friday as we shift the focus more towards wholesale, special orders and special events. After two years, the pattern of our little shop has finally made itself clear and this is the most efficient way to do things while keeping my family happy!

Thanks to Meg Reid and Gaby Tallmadge for helping us through the fall and a super-special thanks to Anna Sutton who put up with me the mostest. Amongst ourselves we have called this year The Great Duh-pression for the amount for sheer stupidity levelled at us by criminals, wanna-be criminals, reckless drivers, crooked banks, litigious-losers and vindictive panhandlers. We survived it and what made it worthwhile were our favorite customers and friends.

Thanks again for all that you’ve done for us, for supporting a local business, local farmers and loving food! Happy, Happy New Year! We welcome the changes 2013 will bring and look forward to many new taste adventures!

Random Acts of Violence.

  This post was supposed to be about apples. That’s our theme for September-apples.  But this post is not about apples.

I write this post as one would write a family holiday newsletter when one has too many wonderful family members and a rather lengthy tale to tell-so rather than repeat it often or have it relayed inaccurately you write it down.

On Labor Day-some person, and I use that word loosely, opted to rob and vandalize Sugar. Specifically, my magical vintage Astoria espresso machine ( and my coffee grinder. The espresso machine and I have been together for years and had a real relationship and met years ago at Koffee Katz in Surf City, NC and were re-united years later in order to open Sugar. She made superb espresso and gorgeous foam.  In a nutshell-someone came behind our counter and threw water directly into the outlet of both the espresso machine and the coffee grinder-ruining both the outlets and the “boards” on each machine. As a final whoop-de-doo whomever did this was made sure I lost all my dairy in my fridge and left with the starting till.

For a while, we will be without lattes and espresso sadly, as I formulate a game plan. We are not at all sure she can be fixed-she is old and the damage is great. The cost to replace her is insurmountable.

The silver lining in this story is that the old adage about you know who your friends are in times of crisis has never been more true! One of my favorite people, friend and customer (whom shall rename unnamed unless she wishes otherwise (D!)) offered genuine he;p coming from a place of pure friendship and a belief in what we do. While I couldn’t accept the gift the words of support were so helpful and reassuring that it made the gesture twice as wonderful.   

In another selfless gesture from the heart of one independent small business owner to another, Pomegranate Books ( offered to have a bake sale-fundraiser to help raise funds for new equipment. While I certainly can’t allow them to take that kind of time to do this event the gesture was overwhelming! This also made me feel so much better after what can truly only be described as a feeling of violation.

So to all my friends and supporters out there who have believed in us all along and put up with our weird hours and crazy antics-thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please continue to bear with us as we try to get the latte end of our world back up and running.

I realize there are much worse problems to have-this is not a crisis, per se, more than a large mental hiccup as I try to absorb the sheer magnitude of anger that was directed my way.  It is disturbing and I always find people who purposefully destroy things, waste food and steal most distasteful.

Thanks for having our backs. That’s the story-sad but true. How do you like them apples?

Christmas in July!!!!

Yes- I know it’s clichéd and could be seen as a marketing gimmick BUT in my defense I am doing this so I can eat all my favorite Christmas stuff for the next two weeks. It’s been a bit  wonkish in the land of Wilmington lately and I am confident it’s nothing some holiday comfort food can’t set to rights!

Starting next Monday we will be brewing  our famous SugarPlum Christmas Coffee! $10 a lb whole bean, $11.00 a lb ground.

Gingerbread loaves and Gingerbread goat cookies (not FOR goats-shaped like goats, even though I’m sure my goats would LOVE THEM!)

Apple Pie

Fruit Cake scones-lemon zest, dried cherries, apricots and toasted pecans with cream cheese glaze

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!

Peppermint Brownies!

Please order ahead as YOU KNOW how wild it gets in the shop!

What’s been going on????

Well, we went from busy to flat out INSANE! That’s okay though-really! Valentine’s Day was really fun and we bribed Cartmen ( to do yummy deliveries all over town! What else-well, I have made so many new friends across the state and country due to Our State magazine! A couple from Maryland came in to tell me their granddaughter’s name was Samantha Smith, Ms. Greene from Whiteville came down and brought me her Chew Bread recipe, a couple from Newton Grove came down and we exchanged favorite chef/murder mystery authors-it’s been so fun!  We’ve started putting sweets in Pine Valley Market ( and we’ve been playing with dessert menus for Catch and Phun!  The Calico Room ( is starting to carry our sweets for a late-night pick me-up, and Nick’s Diner has been carrying our cheesecakes! AND we’ve got our online market on! And lastly, Around Carolina came in last Friday and filmed for a few hours and that will be airing in NC and SC in about 3 weeks-I’ll keep you posted!

We ARE doing our interpretation of a King Cake this Saturday, Monday and Tuesday-by ORDER ONLY. These are a bready cake with a sunken candied almond as the “baby” and an apple filling and a buttercream with a LIGHT sprinkling of the colored sprinkles. $15 each. Must be pre-ordered and pre-paid. Can be delivered!

Also-time to get geared up for St. Patty’s!

Irish Soda Bread-with or without caraway $6.50

Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread $7.00

Oatmeal Currant Scones-$1.75 each

Whisky Custard Pie-$18.00 -not for the faint-hearted-baked chess pie with a heavy addition of whiskey and vanilla!

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Order Now!!!!!!

 And yes-the chicks are doing fine-loud and rambunctious, the goats are happily inhaling all of my scraps and scraps from The German Cafe’ ( who I recently discovered has a mind-blowing blue cheese burger) and Sir Augustus Howl-bloodhound extraordinaire turned 2 on Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy the pics-you’ll see me double-fisting espresso to survive V-Day, Cartmen dashing with a delivery and Jess and Dana howling in protest over the never-ending dishes!!!