Ole’ Florence Spiteandgale

In the words of Florence Nightingale: Image result for i think one's feelings waste themselves in words

We are currently in a position where there are so many actions to be taken. Why, you can’t look in any direction in our part of the state and not be knocked breathless with all the actions you could be taking. People need new homes, homes cleaned, homes repaired, pets cured and healed, furniture and clothing replaced, farms rebuilt, businesses reconstructed, streets and beaches cleaned-the list goes on. (Feeling all my editor friends flinch with that run-on. Sorry, I meant it.) Everyone is currently in need of something, certainly some worse than others and the theme for the rest of 2018 absolutely must be patience and kindness and generosity.

We have been awed by the stories that have been told to us of everyday heroes and a beautiful community spirit. It stretched all the way across the state as people opened their homes to strangers and evacuees. Continue to tell your story. Let people hear about the kindness that you received along this journey. Leave nothing out. These tales passed down are so much more important and potent than internet click bait designed to sell ads and nothing more.

The fantastic news? All of our wonderful employees made it through the storm safe and sound. Some minimal damage but all safe as were their critters.

The less than great news, the little Farm to Island Market (formerly Sister’s Organic) did not make it through the storm as gracefully as she hoped. She was an old building and had seen so very, many storms and decided enough was enough.  Unfortunately, many of the farmer’s who provided the market with delicious produce and meats also suffered the same fate. We have begun to say our good-bye’s to the little store that was such a snug ray of sunshine. The bakery is a stern thing and while there was some water, some power surges that fried things and a massive loss of product she will recover beautifully.

But what, EXACTLY, does that mean to you? Well, it means we now sell wine in the bakery in addition to beer and that there will be local eggs, dairy and casseroles from Epic available at the bakery. We will bring in seasonal produce and beautiful NC cheeses and yes, we will carry pet food. It means we will be OPENING AN HOUR EARLIER. Yes, you read that right. 9 a.m. (I can hear jaws dropping. Shush.) AND we are adding an extra day- Tuesday through Sunday.  This will start here shortly, we have to make some adjustments. Sadly, Terry Z., this does mean your booth in front has to move but we have made you another wee nook we promise you will enjoy!

The warmth shown to us by our friends has been INCREDIBLE. So many inquiries, calls, visits, meals, snacks, treats, sheet pan washing, inventory taking, furniture moving, trash hauling, overwhelming friendship. Thank you all from the bottom of our heart. We wouldn’t be able to recover this quickly without you!!!!

We will be open this Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 11-4. We will figure out the rest of the week after the weekend. Fingers crossed all the equipment can maintain through a full rotation of baking. This will help us determine when we begin the new schedule. It will post on the website Sugar Island (which by the way has finally got a fixed shipping page!)

Feel free to request your favorite comfort foods. We received many desperate requests DURING the storm for Salted Caramel Brownies, Ginger Chews, Pimento Cheese, Cinnamon Rolls and Cheddar Pigs 🙂

And nobody need panic when they come in Saturday and Tanis is not at the front. She too fared just fine throughout the storm and was promptly popped on a plane to see her newest grandchild! Meet Wyatt aka McMoo. Is he not the cutest little nugget?


Florence Spiteandgale, an ill, bad-tempered wind, a visitor who overstayed her welcome, a water-logged monster who wreaked havoc and despair. We certainly can’t undo it but as the REAL Florence said, “How very little can be done under the spirit of fear.”

Don’t be afraid. We can do it.

Love, Topsail Island maptacular

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