Iced Coffee-You chill me to the bone.

Sitting in my little car, freezing Iced Latte soaking into my white linen shirt, cascading freely across my laptop and pooling in my Crocs I burst into howling tears-pounding futilely on my steering wheel I start the car, jam my sunglasses onto my face and promptly hurl them into the passenger seat as they are also dripping coffee.  In this condition I take off to pick up my little guys from their respective locations. Interestingly, when I got to both places NOBODY noticed my coffeeness.  Which makes me wonder what kind of a crackpot I must look like when I am traipsing around town after baking all day?  Granted, one of my favorite customers and good friends kindly pointed out to me that I had a lovely Bonnie Raitt style frosting of butter thru my hair this morning…

All of this to say!!!! I will have a proper blog post as soon as I get my computer keyboard fixed (I am borrowing someone’s computer right now!)  because I have so many exciting new pictures for everyone! People made a  crazy fuss over my birthday and it was really fun!  SO-I have not deserted you-just having computer issues!  We’ll catch up soon!


One thought on “Iced Coffee-You chill me to the bone.

  1. Too horrific to even contemplate. The howling. The hurling. The wetness of tear & coffee pools in shoes. (Trying feebly to make a jest – but I feel your pain.) I truly mean : I AM IN PAIN. This should NOT have happened – ever – to anyone – least of all to our tippy-top favorite baker girl who does it all so well. You should be exempted from this kind of crap.

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