April 13. Spring Cleaning. New Stuff.

Hello all!  Hope you are all enjoying the warm sun and the cool nights and the frequent showers! The plants seem thrilled.  As promised long ago I will be doing a second series of “presents o’ mine” courtesy of some amazing customers who have become dear friends!  I will finish the photos tomorrow and have a slide show for you Wednesday evening. The talent, generosity and creativity of my friends is absolutely astonishing!

We’ve been cleaning and re-organizing-something that is crazy-important in such a small space as ours! Blackboard-Menu Board is up-soon to be framed out and fabulous!  Smoothies and Frappes are up and running.  A few new trinkets lying around-you know I love me some trinkets!

Um, lezzz see.  W have a teeny tiny role in the Freakers America movie-mercifully it’s a blur because it got sprung on me last minute at the end of a 15 hour shift that had been zooey so I look like I have been around the world and back on a goat. Not attractive.

Easter heads up-we will be posting our Easter specials this weekend but we are already over-booked (this is an AMAZING THING!!!) so if you are wanting some decadent confection for you Easter Bean Feast please, I beg of you, tell me now rather than later!


3 thoughts on “April 13. Spring Cleaning. New Stuff.

  1. SOF is cutest & coziest & bestest bakery anywhere in these parts! No wonder you’re a baking “machine” on holidays! Congratulations!
    I will require my usual assortment for Easter week as well as the other 51 weeks. Thank you!

  2. That Freaker video was so great! That carrot cake was so good it was insane. The whole office went gonzo over the oatmeal whoopie pie too, fights actually broke out.

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