30 Days of Joy Hath September!

I have figured out the whole beach-instafriendship equation! It’s like summer camp for grown ups!! We are the counselors and each week we have new campers that we are instantly enamored with and form friendships with, so that we are excited to see them the next year! Some campers this year were returning campers, others were new and some came to camp for several weeks! Parting isn’t quite so hard though-because we ship so nobody has to go without!

(And no, there is NO reason to compare the classic Parent Trap with that mess Disney tried to recreate years later. Blech.)

Of course it is time to change the hours and update the menu to reflect what’s coming into season down here!  Due to threats and cajoling by the locals, we will be sticking to a 5 day schedule AND opening earlier.

New from Nye’s this month-Blackberry Cobbler and Latte! The Latte ice cream sandwich is pure genius.

Speaking of lattes…Shawn, Logan and Tanis will be attending latte school this month so soon they will be slinging chai, espresso and dairy in specific 27 second intervals. We are going to be using all organic coffees from our beloved Java Estate and making our own hot chocolate blend that will make you grin!

Again, the Muscadine Festival is coming up and we will be in attendance (http://www.muscadineharvestfestival.com/).

That Sunday, the 28th, we will be having another Logan Smith Art Show! It’s been three years so Mr. Smith has had time to build up a fair collection of intriguing pieces. This show will be combined with cider, punch, wine and samples of our holiday fare! We look forward to seeing you. An email and mailer will go out with the specific times on that day.

This month we will also be taking our annual apple trek and taking orders once again. The list will be at the bakery of what apples are available and when you will be able to expect them.

It really was a spastic and fantastic summer and we thank you all for indulging your sweet tooth, embracing you inner bread loving self and coming to interact with the ever-amazing talents of the Tanis-Shawn counter show. NEVER A DULL MOMENT.

September Hours (NOTE-We will be closed from Sunday, September 7-Wednesday the 10.)

Thur-Fri 9-4

Saturday 10-4

Sun 10-4



10 days till Christmas and I am JUST now doing this post…

Hey Ya’l!!! Merry Christmas! It is December 15th and I will admit, this year has REALLY taken the cake! As I simply can’t say enough, we are so grateful for the overwhelming support of all our friendstomers both old and new! There is nothing we love more than feeding people and I truly delight in being thought “qualified” to provide treats for birthdays and other festivities and family gatherings, it is an honor indeed!

This year, I have finally gotten to fully indulge in my fruitcake addiction. (Much to Mom and Romelle’s chagrin I have eaten 10 so far. No regrets.) People have brought me fruitcake slices, wedges and recipes and it has been WONDERFUL!

Below is our Holiday Menu. As always, your favorites are also available even if not listed on the menu (i.e. Cheddar Pigs and Snooty Stars, etc…). Please order ahead as you know-it is all made fresh and from scratch and that takes a minute! Shawn and the festivemobile are delivering the 3 counties on the 22nd and 23rd if you are needing delivery!

Our mini Sugar at Pomegranate Books in Wilmington has been doing spectacularly well and we hope you are all finding it convenient! (http://www.pombooks.net/).

We will be closing at 1 p.m. on Christmas Eve (due to death threats from my family!!!) and will be closed 12/25-27. We will then post our New Year’s Eve delivery schedule and then we are going to close for A WHOLE WEEK!

There is a gorgeous selection of locally made one of a kind ornaments (http://www.fatcatpottery.com/), our own specially roasted holiday coffees, lovely woolen scarves by the ever talented Melissa Gray (http://melissagray.homestead.com/), fresh granolas, biscottis and wonderful vintage books, dishes, children’s books and Reindeer Food at the the shop waiting to be festively packaged and given to people you REALLY like. Not the ones who get the CVS gift card.

Thanks again for all your support and love of tastiness! Merry Christmas!

(P.S.-feel free to share your fruitcake with me.)


moutains (19)

60 Bushels of apples a day keeps boredom at bay!

If I babble incoherently it’s only because we have so many fun things coming up I can’t stand it! This very afternoon I am going to pick up our first delivery of APPLES from the incomparable http://www.vintagevirginiaapples.com courtesy of the fabulous Margaret Shelton at http://sheltonherbfarmnc.com/. So yeah, part of my job today is to go out to an idyllic farm in perfect weather to pick up herbs, organic soil and heirloom apples. Feel free to hate me, I would! What does this mean to you? It means APPLE PIE, Caramel Apple Pie, Apple Crumb Pie, Apple Cider Pound Cake, Apple Butter, Apple Butter Bars, Apple Cinnamon Muffins, Apple Fritters and Apple Cinnamon Granola!  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!

Saturday the 21st, will be our last Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market of the season but it has been a spectacular market and we have loved every minute of it! In October we will be joining the Onslow County Market (http://onslowncfarmersmarket.com/)! This is a really unique market with some fantastic crafts, beautiful produce, honeys, jams, a DOUGHNUT truck, fresh seafood and cheeses and all sorts of treats so we are super excited and honored to be included!

September 28th will see us at the http://www.muscadineharvestfestival.com/ Muscadine Festival with Muscadine granola, Muscadine Oatmeal Creme Pies, Grape Hull Pies, Muscadine Focaccia, Muscadine Muffins, Muscadine Pound Cake and Muscadine Spice Cake-should be quite the adventure!


Labor of Love!

lemon cookies IMG_0232 lemon cupcake caramel brownies pecan cakeLabor Day is here again!  To break with tradition, we will have the Island shop open on Wednesday 11-6, Thur 11-6 and Fr 11-6!  Because it is technically the last weekend to wear white we are celebrating with all sorts of frosty white confections! Be sure to place your order for delivery or pick up in advance or visit us at Carolina Beach Market on Saturday or Wrightsville Beach on Monday!

Double Apple Pie $18.00

NC Peach Pie $18.00

Double Vanilla Cupcakes $1.75 each

Coconut Custard Cupcakes $1.75 each

White Chocolate Chip Cupcakes $1.75 each

Sour Cherry Pie $18.00

Frosted Lemon Cookies $6.00 for a 1/2 dozen

Cherry Blueberry Scones $1.85 each




mom mug 003

Happy Mother’s Day and G.O. Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends who were crazy enough to have children!!  What were we thinking? What were our mom’s thinking?? Do not answer either one of those questions, please.

The shop is coming along nicely-below is the view from my oven-so bright and sunny!! No more mole hole for me!  We are setting a Grand Opening Date for Thursday June 6th-and having the party continue all through the weekend-we were going to say Saturday but that’s a Market Day-so…

I am so excited for you to see all the wonderful new things we have!! Mrs. Ruth (http://mrsruthjams.com/mrsruthjams/Welcome.html) went crazy and our jam selection is HUGE! We have local honey coming in from Nature’s Way and Ti Wind Apiaries, Green Family Farm (http://greenfamilyfarms.webs.com/) made us some beautiful soaps and awesome koozies, and the shelves are groaning with pickles from Angela (http://angelasppf.com/) and sauces from Rum Island (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rum-Island/162193677152817)!!! Jess Demaria has made some amazing new art (http://www.etsy.com/shop/roboticrelative) in the form of highly collectible greeting cards and we will have the most adorable earrings from Re-Eco (http://www.re-eco.com/reeco_website/Fashion_2.html) AND we have our new t-shirts, tank tops and mugs!!!!  Plus coffee from our friends at Java Estate and Brown Dog Coffee Company (http://www.browndogcoffeecompany.com/) available by the pound.

On top of which I have SO MUCH MORE ROOM TO BAKE!!! So there will be more cookies, pies, scones, muffins, pigs, pecans, granola AND we have 2 of our very own custom coffee blends available NOWHERE else! We also have smoothies now made from only the bestest fruit and using Greek yogurt and MOCHA SHAKES!!! As Connor says, “It’s gonna be amaaaaazing!”

So you can knock yourself out stocking your shelves with locally made treasures and then I will pack you a box of treats and make you a frosty drink and show you a set of wooden steps that you can traipse over to enjoy your indulgences on THE BEACH!!! And there is FREE AMPLE PARKING! Nary a meter maid in sight!!

And did I mention we have selection of vintage cookbooks?????

So-again-Happy Mother’s Day to you hard working Mommies-I hope your day is filled with love and appreciation and something yummy!! See you tomorrow at the Wrightsville Beach Farmer’s Market (http://www.townofwrightsvillebeach.com/Departments/PlanningParks/ParksRecreation/FarmersMarket/tabid/157/Default.aspx)!


mom mug 001


Durham Bullsh&^% 028












My State Fair is a GREAT State Fair!

I LOVE the  music from State Fair-but we all know I am a complete Rodgers and Hammerstein junky, so this is no surprise!  I also love the concept of putting up preserves, baking a sassy layer cake and getting dolled up to stroll around the midway.  Alternately, I could don camo cut-offs, 12 lip piercings and an old Hooter’s t-shirt and go to the New Hanover County Fair and have a turkey leg. Hmmmm.

INSTEAD-this week we are having a State Fair sale!!! (There’s also a contest involved for my girls-so if you have a favorite bakery-slinger go in while they are working to take advantage of the sale!!) Combine any of our incredible NC products and get a $1.00 off each product! This includes  Angela’s pickles, Green Family Farm goat’s milk soap, Rum Island BBQ sauce, and Mrs Ruth’s jams!  http://www.mrsruthjams.com/mrsruthjams/Welcome.html, http://angelasppf.com/Default.aspx?D=99, http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20100829/ARTICLES/100829604, http://greenfamilyfarms.webs.com/

To further the festive-fair-like atmosphere we will have some incredibly fun baked goods this week! Banana Cream Pie , Apple Pie, Cranberry Orange Pound Cake

Of course, there will plenty of Whoopie Pies-fear not!

Still no word on the espresso machine so we are still without lattes-waaaaah!

And finally, bagels are back!

See you soon!

Happy Easter Ya’ll!

ImageImageImageImageImageThanks to all for the zany Easter orders! We will definitely have to Hot Cross Scones again next year! The Blockade Runner went wild on me this year and ordered 450 cookies, 9 assorted 3 layer cakes, 9 assorted double sheet cakes, 10 Rhubarb Pies and 8 Lemon Chess Pie…let me tell you that was a LOT of butter we went thru in 48 hours!!! To give you some scope, our friend who owns Weatherwood Music (http://www.myspace.com/weatherwoodwilm) helped us deliver with his mega van and not only did we dill up the back, we had to put stuff up front, too!! So, Happy Easter to all!  

We will be closing early Thursday, April 12, due to Azalea Festival and will not re-open until the following Monday, 

Back to normal this week with Cheddar Pigs and a full menu on Down East Connect! Awesome new line of beverages in the store as well and amping up to offer ICE CREAM on our pies and in our incomparable coffee beverages. 

See you soon! Chicken cheeps and goat leaps to all!



Apple Pie $14.00

Pecan Pie $16.00

Pumpkin Pie $13.00

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie $18.00

Kahlua Cake $20.00

Really Rum Cake $20.00

Cranberry Orange Pound Cake $5.00

Gingerbread $5.00

Gingerbread Man/Woman $4.00 each

Classic Cherry Cheesecake $24.00

Turtle Cheesecake $27.00

Caramel Apple Cheesecake $25.00

Peppermint Bark Brownies $2.00 each

Cookies Trays $8/$16/$24

Pumpkin Maple Toffee Cake $26.00

Lemon Coconut Cake $26.00

Triple Chocolate Cake $28.00

Carrot Cake $27.00

12 Layer Chocolate Cake $33.00

8 Layer Caramel Cake $30.00

And that my friends, is our Christmas menu! Thank you for a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was outta control and we LOVED it!  We also got voted best place for a Thanksgiving pie (http://www.wwaytv3.com/2011/11/18/and-the-winner-best-place-to-buy-thanksgiving-pie)! Thanks ya’ll.  We will also be featured in Our State magazine (www.ourstate.com) in February-super cool! We are happy to announce we are teaming up with Cartmen (www.cartmen.org) this year so you can deliver so Holiday Cheer anywhere in town!  Just call, email or FaceBook your order and we will send it on its merry way!  Truly, though, start ordering now, as some super-eager holiday elves have already started ordering!  We haven’t forgotten about the dogs, cats or reindeer this year and have festively wrapped treats available for them all!  New to our store this year is a friend of Dana’s-Ms. Dottie! Her art is sold in major art museum gift shops and other such classy establishments-check it out- Dottie Netherton is an artist who has worked in the
time-honored tradition of paper cutting known as
scherenschnitte (pronounced shair-en-shnit-teh) for the last two dozen years. With cuticle scissors she has crafted hundreds of delicate paper confections to adorn this tree. Rows of colorful paper mittens hang side by side with cutouts of dogs, flowers, and stars. Self-taught in the art of scissoring, Netherton was born and raised
Pennsylvania Dutch Country where the centuries-old craft of scissoring is common. Although she began by following patterns, she quickly began cutting her own original compositions such as an elaborate Noah’s Ark and her cutting tour de force, The Twelve Days of Christmas. AND we are the ONLY shop in Wilmington who carries her gorgeous cards!

Wanna give an eco-friendly-uber-chic-ultra-affordable gift? Check out our Kango Gift! (http://www.kangogift.com/sugaronfrontst). A great teacher gift or a pick-me-up!  Need a gift for someone to enjoy apres-holiday? Go for a Sugar on Front St. gift certificate! Available in any denomination and in an envelope or in a vintage cup and saucer-cello wrapped and beribboned!  Can’t wait to see you all! I LOVE DECEMBER!!!!

Cookery, Crookery and EyePatches.

In the midst of our world-gone-mad turmoil, I think our circle of people who are trying to hearken back to our roots with sustainable living and frugal lifestyles are right on the money.  It will certainly never be a bad thing to know how to grow your own food or raise chickens or sew.  One of my latest treasures I unearthed in the cookbook section at the bookstore was “Low Cost Cookery” by Hunt-Wesson. It’s a slim volume with some fantastic cartoons in it and some very frugal and tasty-looking recipes.  The irony of this book is it came out in the early 70’s but it sounds as if it was written today.  This is at once calming and unsettling.  It’s reassuring to know that this has happened before and we will survive but why, oh, why didn’t we learn our lesson the first 400 times this happened????

In other news, as one of our FB friends said after a recent slew of super-bizarre customer happenings, “I think someone is PAYING people to come be weird in your shop!”  Well, in the photo below you will see a mangled dime and penny. These two babies were lodged in my VINTAGE coffee grinder. Some clever crook dropped those in the hopper and the grinder was resultingly jammed and out of commission for 3 weeks during which I was grinding all the coffee for the shop in a home-sized grinder-so you know how long that took (deep breath)-so when my coffee heroes arrived to fix it these COINS were in the grinder!!!!! Why? Who would do that?

And finally, in other hysterical news, I lodged almonds in ye olde eyeball and had to get an eyepatch to help it heal.  It’s a great look-I must say.

Iced Coffee-You chill me to the bone.

Sitting in my little car, freezing Iced Latte soaking into my white linen shirt, cascading freely across my laptop and pooling in my Crocs I burst into howling tears-pounding futilely on my steering wheel I start the car, jam my sunglasses onto my face and promptly hurl them into the passenger seat as they are also dripping coffee.  In this condition I take off to pick up my little guys from their respective locations. Interestingly, when I got to both places NOBODY noticed my coffeeness.  Which makes me wonder what kind of a crackpot I must look like when I am traipsing around town after baking all day?  Granted, one of my favorite customers and good friends kindly pointed out to me that I had a lovely Bonnie Raitt style frosting of butter thru my hair this morning…

All of this to say!!!! I will have a proper blog post as soon as I get my computer keyboard fixed (I am borrowing someone’s computer right now!)  because I have so many exciting new pictures for everyone! People made a  crazy fuss over my birthday and it was really fun!  SO-I have not deserted you-just having computer issues!  We’ll catch up soon!