Shocking Confessions and Suspicious Hours

I haven’t blogged in weeks and now I am here to shock you. I am leaving. Ok, only for 4 days, but there you go. Please feel free to feed and water Mom, Shawn and the kids as they hold down the fort and dispense Luna Pops and Nye’s Cream Sandwiches to the hordes of out-of-towners!

The case is loaded today, so stock up! Alternately, Pine Valley Market, Pomegranate Books, Brown Dog Coffee Company, Kornerstone Bistro, Gallagher’s and Quarter Moon Books are also packed to the gills with tasty treats so you shan’t have to do without!

To that end, our hours this weekend will be different. Today is 11-7 as per usual. Friday and Saturday, due to the scandalous lack of baked goods due to my gad-aboutness we will open at 12.

Upon return, I shall post the Father’s Day specials and the pictures from my fabulous and unprecedented adventure!

Thanks for understanding!969721_2119665706239_1471083313_n

60 Bushels of apples a day keeps boredom at bay!

If I babble incoherently it’s only because we have so many fun things coming up I can’t stand it! This very afternoon I am going to pick up our first delivery of APPLES from the incomparable courtesy of the fabulous Margaret Shelton at So yeah, part of my job today is to go out to an idyllic farm in perfect weather to pick up herbs, organic soil and heirloom apples. Feel free to hate me, I would! What does this mean to you? It means APPLE PIE, Caramel Apple Pie, Apple Crumb Pie, Apple Cider Pound Cake, Apple Butter, Apple Butter Bars, Apple Cinnamon Muffins, Apple Fritters and Apple Cinnamon Granola!  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!

Saturday the 21st, will be our last Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market of the season but it has been a spectacular market and we have loved every minute of it! In October we will be joining the Onslow County Market (! This is a really unique market with some fantastic crafts, beautiful produce, honeys, jams, a DOUGHNUT truck, fresh seafood and cheeses and all sorts of treats so we are super excited and honored to be included!

September 28th will see us at the Muscadine Festival with Muscadine granola, Muscadine Oatmeal Creme Pies, Grape Hull Pies, Muscadine Focaccia, Muscadine Muffins, Muscadine Pound Cake and Muscadine Spice Cake-should be quite the adventure!


Happy Mother’s Day and G.O. Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends who were crazy enough to have children!!  What were we thinking? What were our mom’s thinking?? Do not answer either one of those questions, please.

The shop is coming along nicely-below is the view from my oven-so bright and sunny!! No more mole hole for me!  We are setting a Grand Opening Date for Thursday June 6th-and having the party continue all through the weekend-we were going to say Saturday but that’s a Market Day-so…

I am so excited for you to see all the wonderful new things we have!! Mrs. Ruth ( went crazy and our jam selection is HUGE! We have local honey coming in from Nature’s Way and Ti Wind Apiaries, Green Family Farm ( made us some beautiful soaps and awesome koozies, and the shelves are groaning with pickles from Angela ( and sauces from Rum Island (!!! Jess Demaria has made some amazing new art ( in the form of highly collectible greeting cards and we will have the most adorable earrings from Re-Eco ( AND we have our new t-shirts, tank tops and mugs!!!!  Plus coffee from our friends at Java Estate and Brown Dog Coffee Company ( available by the pound.

On top of which I have SO MUCH MORE ROOM TO BAKE!!! So there will be more cookies, pies, scones, muffins, pigs, pecans, granola AND we have 2 of our very own custom coffee blends available NOWHERE else! We also have smoothies now made from only the bestest fruit and using Greek yogurt and MOCHA SHAKES!!! As Connor says, “It’s gonna be amaaaaazing!”

So you can knock yourself out stocking your shelves with locally made treasures and then I will pack you a box of treats and make you a frosty drink and show you a set of wooden steps that you can traipse over to enjoy your indulgences on THE BEACH!!! And there is FREE AMPLE PARKING! Nary a meter maid in sight!!

And did I mention we have selection of vintage cookbooks?????

So-again-Happy Mother’s Day to you hard working Mommies-I hope your day is filled with love and appreciation and something yummy!! See you tomorrow at the Wrightsville Beach Farmer’s Market (!


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 For once I shall take full advantage of my name and RELEASE THE SUGAR!!!  Starting this Friday and running through Wednesday the 31st we are gonna go a little crazy!  Of course, the classics will be available and listed below but I am going to use some CANDY!  Please call and order as limited quantities are available! 

In other news, THE LATTE MACHINE IS BACK! After Halloween I will tell you the story of its return! There are some true heroes to thank! Still waiting to deal with the old-fashioned coffee grinder but having frothy lattes on cool 4 a.m.s in one of my perks!

M&M Pretzel Cookies-buttery, chocolate-chippy and studded with M&M pretzels! $1.75 each or $6 a pack

Cadbury Screme Egg Giant Cupcakes-fudgy chocolate cake with half a Cadbury egg baked in the middle and a cream cheese frosting $3.00 each

Twix Brownies-our luscious brownies baked on top of good ole’ Twix bars and then brushed with caramel and dusted with sea salt-$2.00 each

Macaroons with Chocolate Bottoms $1.75 each

GooGoo Cluster Cheesecake-$4.00 a slice or $26.00 whole

Pumpkin Cheesecake in our ginger cookie crust-$26.00 whole

Pumpkin PIe-available classic ($14.00) gluten-free ($16.00) dairy-free ($16.00)

Pumpkin Whoopies-$3.00 each

Red Velvet Whoopies-$3.00 each

Devil’s Food Whoopies-$3.00 each

TEQUILA KEY LIME PIE!!-our traditional Key Lime pie enhanced with Tequila, lime zest and a coconut crust! $4 a slice $15 whole!

My State Fair is a GREAT State Fair!

I LOVE the  music from State Fair-but we all know I am a complete Rodgers and Hammerstein junky, so this is no surprise!  I also love the concept of putting up preserves, baking a sassy layer cake and getting dolled up to stroll around the midway.  Alternately, I could don camo cut-offs, 12 lip piercings and an old Hooter’s t-shirt and go to the New Hanover County Fair and have a turkey leg. Hmmmm.

INSTEAD-this week we are having a State Fair sale!!! (There’s also a contest involved for my girls-so if you have a favorite bakery-slinger go in while they are working to take advantage of the sale!!) Combine any of our incredible NC products and get a $1.00 off each product! This includes  Angela’s pickles, Green Family Farm goat’s milk soap, Rum Island BBQ sauce, and Mrs Ruth’s jams!,,,

To further the festive-fair-like atmosphere we will have some incredibly fun baked goods this week! Banana Cream Pie , Apple Pie, Cranberry Orange Pound Cake

Of course, there will plenty of Whoopie Pies-fear not!

Still no word on the espresso machine so we are still without lattes-waaaaah!

And finally, bagels are back!

See you soon!

Not bailing-just beleaguered!

Before the finger- wagging and head-shaking begin, I would like to say that you may place the blame on the evil tax-inventory system for my lack of blogging. Second in line for blame is Craigslist. 

Lot of stuff going on and coming up! February is when Our State Magazine comes out with our little blurb in it! Also, first weekend in Feb we will have a booth at the Wine and Chocolate Festival-should be fun! Our hours have changed-Monday-Friday 9:30-5:30 and Saturday 10-4:00. We are gearing up and filling out multitudinous Farmer’s Market apps for all over the place and the Mt. Olive Pickle Festival, Aurora Fossil Festival and the Burgaw Blueberry Festival! 

Below I will post our Valentine’s Day menu to get you in le mood!  Don’t forget January 23rd is National Pie day! Bring your Pie Eatin’ Bibs!  Speaking of which we will be helping Children at Heart adoption agency feature a pie eating fundraiser called “Eat your Heart Out” the last weekend in February-details soon!

                                                                                                               -Valentine’s Specials-

love it or hate it you’re gonna want something sweet!

(available 2/1-2/14)


Raspberry Pie-$15.00

Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Brownies-$2.00 ea.

Double Cinnamon Scones-$1.75 each

Chocolate Cherry Scone-$2.00 each

Cherry Cheesecake-$24.00

Red Velvet Cake-$30.00

Raspberry Truffle Brownies-$2.50 ea.

Choco Dipped Biscotti Bouquet-$5.25

Chocolate Whoopie Pies-$3.00 each

Chocolate Cherry Pound Cake-$8.00

Raspberry Key Lime Pie-$14.00

Rhubarb Pie-$16.00

Strawberry Sweetheart Cupcakes-$8.00 a ½ dzn

Orders must be placed 48 hrs in advance. Delivery and Shipping available.

Sugar on Front St.

249 N. Front St.

Wilmington NC 28401


Bringin’ it home Opossum style.

I ate that in under 3 seconds.

My boys and I had a blessed reprieve from cell phones, Blackberries, blogs and FaceBooks  for 4 days. It was lovely. We read, traveled and ate like crazy people! One of the things we stumbled across was in the Inverness, Fl, RV campground even though we were not camping! I saw the sign for Whoopie Pies and while not a fan, I was intrigued. It was a small pine-paneled shop with a sign saying 20, 062 pies sold to date. There was a display case with whole Whoopies and minis and in the back were the racks, mixers etc.  You know what wasn’t there? Boxed cake mixes, canned frosting OR artificial vanilla. All real ingredients abounded! So, we bought a classic and a German Chocolate. I inhaled the classic. It was insane. 2 soft chocolate pillows of goodness with a thin line of vanilla frosting in the middle. I think it’s meant to be split between several people because I was promptly wishing I had held back a bit BUT OH MAN IT WAS SOOOO GOOD.

Anyway, we drove thru 3 states, backroads and swamps thru hellacious thunderstorms hither and thither and managed to escape hitting any wildlife whatsoever despite seeing a gator, snakes, buzzards, hawks, egrets and 2 armadillos, didn’t get pulled over-smooth sailing-baby didn’t fuss and the MINUTE we pulled on our street this huge opossum makes a beeline for both tires.  It was foul.  I, however, felt no sorrow as these nasty rodents have mercilessly pursued my chickens. One down, a million to go…