Cake Post-er Child.

So-I have been MIA on the blog-but not for lack of love-just lack of time! We had a fabulous Valentine’s Day at the shop-thank you all!  There was a big 50th bday party for a friend and who requested a loose reconstruction of a Wayne Thibeaud painting for the cakes. It was a lot of fun, and yes, that’s a real Barbie plunked down in the middle of that carrot cake!

The Wicked gallery event was a huge success-they sold lots o’ Velvet and Elvis-which is awesome!

Saturday we are doing cookies for storytime at Pomegranate Books ( and we have finally gotten in a routine with the bread and have fresh Great Harvest Bread Co. bread everyday!  It’s been divine to have some sunshine these last few days and we have plunked our retro sidewalk chairs out front so you can people watch and pie eat at the same time!

Lots of presents lately! A gorgeous ginormous coffee mug now holds our stir sticks thanks to my friend Suzy via Fat Cat pottery!  I got some delicious fudge from a neighbor/customer/friend and we have hooked up with Cape Fear Birthday Smiles to help ensure little munchkins in New Hanover County have healthy birthday cupcakes! (

AND…drumroll please…we are inching closer to our beer and wine license and yesterday we got our freezer so ICED COFFEE AND CHAI here we come!!!

Oh dear. I ended almost every sentence in exclamation points again.  I have issues.

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