Lovin’ to hate Valentine’s Day!


While of course many, many people love Valentine’s-‘cuz it’s cute, or it’s their anniversary, or their last name is Valentine, or they own a florist shop,  other people loathe and dread it!  Working behind a counter these past 2 months and shamelessly eavesdropping on all and sundry I have picked up some amazing quotes, tips and thoughts. My top three fave to date:

1. “Boycott Valentine’s Day and give people a rock.  Soon it will catch on.”

2. Thanks for meeting me here. I thought thinking outside the box with my marriage was the best Valentine’s present to myself! I’ve never done this before have you?  (seriously-that conversation went down less than 3 feet from me. REALLY? Not here, thanks.)

3. The last 2 times I gave him the card with the “free favors” coupon book and the chocolates he just laughed and then didn’t share the chocolates.

SOOOOOOOO. I am going to endeavor to help with a slightly more aaah, shall we say, gentle spin on V-day and simply offer honest-to-goodness Cherry or Strawberry Raspberry Pies, Cream Cheese Brownies and Better Than Sex Cake. I also have cards WITHOUT shmarmy saying inside and some super cute matchbooks to go with snifferiffic candles so that people can 1. ENJOY THE SILLY DAY 2. EAT SOMETHING DELISH 3. NOT BREAK THE BANK.



3 thoughts on “Lovin’ to hate Valentine’s Day!

  1. Samantha it was so fun this post and funny you mention cause when I come to Sugar you remind of a bartendress of the sweetest kind literally and it ran thru my mind what you must think of conversations you can’t help but hear before ever saw this post and voila the post!
    Also think what you must think of my sister and I’s gossip girl conversations which are doozies?!?!


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