The MayFLOUR and other STUFFING.

I am quite sure this is too much happiness in one blog. I can deal with it, and in fact am, bedazzled with joy to share this line up with you!!

November 10th is our annual “WELCOMING OF THE APPLES” day as well as a wine tasting by Silver Coast Winery AND a jewelry show by Sara Webster AND  a fall Farmer’s Market with some of our favorite local farmers.

We are also really amping up the giving back this season and are selling wreaths to benefit the local 4H chapters (they get 100% of the proceeds), Hess Trucks to benefit Children at Heart Adoption Agency and a slew of other local charities with a clean line of where your donation is going to be of the most impact!

This, however, means a TON of work on your part. You do have to PRE-ORDER your apples, your wreath and your Thanksgiving pies. I know. I am making you work for a change. I feel horrible.


ALBEMARLE PIPPINThe crisp, juicy, firm flesh and very distinctive taste, along with its excellent keeping qualities, made the Pippin the most prized of American dessert apples from the early 18th century

ARKANSAS BLACK Medium in size, the color is a lively red, deepening on the exposed side to a purplish red or nearly black. Flesh is yellowish, very hard and crisp, with a distinctive aromatic flavor. It is a long keeper that improves in storage. Ripens in October or November. Good for cider and cooking.

GOLDRUSH Fruit is medium size, yellowish-green in color, and round-conic in shape. Very tart at harvest (early to mid October), it mellows to excellence as a dessert apple after 6-8 weeks in storage

GRANNY SMITH A large, bright-green apple with a peened surface, it is sometimes flushed purplish-brown.   The white flesh is very crisp and juicy. It is resistant to bruising and cedar apple rust. Granny Smith is suitable for cooking, cider making, and sauce, as well as dessert.

PINK LADYLarge in size and oblong in shape with a deep-set eye, the green skin turns yellow on maturity, and is overlaid with pink or light-red. The white flesh is fine-grained, firm and subacid, making it a tasty dessert apple

STAYMANThe white flesh is tinged a greenish-yellow and is firm, tender, and fine-textured. The subacid flavor is distinctive because of its tart and vinous qualities

SUNCRISPA dessert variety, the flavor is a complex blend of the Cox acidity with Golden Delicious sweetness. Fruit is large, conical, with a dull-orange blush. Golden Delicious is a parent; Cox’s Orange Pippin and Cortland are grandparents, hence heritage is similar to Gala.

VIRGINIA GOLDBright yellow on ripening, with a pink blush and a smooth, clear skin, the flesh is crisp, juicy and mildly subacid with the flavor characteristic of the Pippin

WINESAPSmall to medium in size and round to oblong in shape, the skin is a deep-red or maroon in color with the yellow background showing on the shaded side. Indistinct flushes and stripes of a darker red, and sometimes a netting of russet, overlay the lighter red. The yellow flesh is sweet, crisp, and aromatic, with a vinous flavor.

Thanksgiving 2018 Menu.png

20181027_065100 (1).jpg

Don’t worry. We have a million forms for the wreaths at the bakery!!! And yes, you can phone in the orders. Please order apples in 5 lb increments. Yes, we will be delivering to Epic this year, as well as a Scotts Hill Location to help make your holiday smooth!

We are all so happy to be moving out of October, I can’t even tell you. If you feel like a quick trip to the Southern Land Of OZ on Wednesday though, we have the full cast and crew on hand to sing you songs and feed you rainbows!! (Mr. Smith is the Lion if that gives you an idea of how we cast it!!!)


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