Sunday May 1st, it’s a date!

Well. obviously, it’s a date for goodness sake, but NOW it’s an even more specialerererer date!

I have a plant problem. I hoard them-is that the right word? Probably not since I also try to strong-arm others into buying more plants. Regardless, this year we are expounding on last year’s “herb-in-a-tea-cup” and having a whole MAY DAY FESTIVAL and trunk show!

From 12-3 there will be a tent full of lovely herbs and plants, fresh berries and cut flowers for arranging. There will be beribboned hula hoops and flower crowns, frothy cups of festive punch, lovely handmade Mother’s Day cards PLUS STAMPS so that you can mail them right away!!, a special Mother’s Day still life fashion show courtesy of Sandy Toes and a glittering Sara Webster trunk show and sale. Sara will be offering an exclusive special  NC Sand Dollar Imprint Handmade Earring and 18” Necklace Set

Sterling and Fine Silver

Special Mother Day Event Pricing $78

(while supplies last)sand dollar necklace
order by May 1st.

Upstairs is finally opened, and while I will continue to rearrange the furniture like a maniac, at least you now have your favorite spot to meet a friend, spread out with a snack and a book or dig in and finish writing your novel! If only I could pipe in the Wonka music as you crest the top of the stairs…

We hope to see you Sunday May 1st! It will be lovely, rain or shine!Herb-Tea-Cup-may basketsmay daywedding cake





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