Takin’ our sticky selves to Boston

If you have been in the shop in the last 4 months you have UNDOUBTEDLY spoken to Tanis about THE YEAR OF THE WEDDINGS! Both siblings are getting married in different states this years so we are in an absolute tizzy! What does this mean we need from you, loyal customer? Other than safe travel wishes, it also means patience with unconventional business hours in addition to loving the unusual side perks of the baker being away!

So the way THIS week is going to work is Thursday 5/12 we will be closing at 2 p.m. to get us on the road with loads of kids and cakes and suits and ties (feel free to hum some Justin Timberlake in there-to jazz things up). Friday we will be open from 10-2 with the Claudia and Jelena show in full effect and Saturday we will have #cakeslabsaturdaychocolate cream cake

like old days! Meaning, Saturday WILL have pie and cake and cheesecake by the slice but NOT cinnamon rolls, jam bars etc…more dessert and coffee heavy.

Once we return we will be BRINGING BACK SUNDAYS!! But we will get to that part later!

Be kind and lovely to my girls while we are gone! Check in on them, make them feel loved and be sure to see the fun sales they are getting to run while we are gone! We will keep you up to speed with our culinary and historical adventures as we attend this very special family celebration in Boston!

(Speaking of which, have you ever read up on the Boston Molasses spill??? Molasses Mayhem!)

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