Reward your Mother for doing all that laundry!

SUNDAY MAY 13 IS MOTHER’S DAY. I am telling you all this NOW so that you  can get the card or package in the mail TOMORROW. There is no excuse. You have been warned! I have a bazillion wonderful cards and am literally steps from the Post Office, in fact, I will mail things for you!!! Just to make sure these things get done!   If you are fortunate enough to have your mother or mother-fixture local, here are the delicacies and specials we will have Thursday-Saturday. Please remember to call ahead to reserve-254.1110.

Huckleberry Scones-3 to a bag with a fun ribbon. $4.95

Raspberry Brownies Boxes-fudgy brownies studded with fresh raspberries and glazed with chocolate ganache. Boxed with a ribbon. $7.50

Sour Cherry Pie with an “M” monogrammed into the top! $16.00

Buy a Mother’s Day card with any of the aforementioned items and get $1.00 off your card!

“Is your mamma a llama? I asked my friend Dave…”

(P.S. I would really like a llama this year, for Mother’s Day, if any of my boys are reading this. Hint, hint-no pretense of subtlety…)

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4 thoughts on “Reward your Mother for doing all that laundry!

  1. Right on, mama. Hey, where does one find huckleberries around here? My mom grew up eating huckleberry cobbler (bisquick crust) and I’d love to get some.


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