Giddyup Sunlovers!

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  How did we manage to do Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Mayo in one weekend?  There are going to be some ragged people showing up at my counter on Monday for coffee!  What are we doing to celebrate? First of all, if you roll up into the shop on Saturday wearing cowboy boots or an amazing millinery creation you will get $1.00 off of  your purchase! If you ride up on horseback-well-you can have your coffee free and your horse can have some sugar cubes.  We have some crazy new inventory in the shop-Angela’s Pickles are here ( and they are soooooooooo good! We have some lovely new newspaper and magazine racks made from antique tobacco sticks by a local artist named Carol. AND we have some exquisite new cards by an artist out of Iowa who makes fabric pictures and quilts and then turns them into greeting cards! For instance A HEDGEHOG ON A BICYCLE. Did you ever? S0 cute. Lots of lovely new dishware as well-Mother’s Day is coming up, remember????  Orders for this weekend must be place by THURSDAY a.m.  Or else.

Mint Julep Brownies-bourbon-laced brownies with a mint cream cheese filling and chocolate glaze $2..00 (minimum order 4)

Kentucky Derby Pie-ooey and gooey with chocolate, booze and walnuts-homemade pastry crust-$17.00

Cinco De Mayo Cupcakes! spongy, buttery cake with traditional 3 milk syrup, whipped cream frosting and caramel drizzle $2.25 each (minimum order 6)

Mexi-lina Scones-cinnamon, chocolate and orange make these scones superb with coffee! $1.75 each


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