Memorial Day WEEKEND!!!


Apple Pie $14.00 (not the season but SO traditional!)Cherry Pie $13.00Red White and Blue Pie-Cream Cheese Filling Straw-Blue Topping $14.00Chocolate Whoopie Pies $3.00 eachSparkler Scones-raspberry cream cheese scones with candied ginger $7.50 a 4 packBaker’s Dream Sale! Friday 5/25 and Saturday 5/26 only-Buy any Red Ape Cinnamon or Singing Dog Vanilla product and get the second HALF PRICE! Yes, you CAN get half price plump stunning VANILLA BEANS!! YEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWW!

Published by sugaronfrontst

Bookstore/Bakery/Microfarm in the South!

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