The Cuteness-it burns my eyes!!!

There is so much happening at the shop this week!  I put up the “Dog Days of Summer” display and am still waiting to add in a few more of our friendly doggums but it is awfully cute!  We will be receiving a new shipment of Angela’s Pickled Perfection ( in the guise of Pickled Peanuts and Pickled Collards! The newest batch of Vanilla Bean honey and Fig honey will be on the shelves and we have a new line of BBQ sauce and hot sauce that is SO good you can simply eat it out of the bottle! Made locally by a customer of ours it is so stinkin’ good!

Cheddar Pig is being shipped out to the middle of the state on Monday to be featured in a Southern magazine as a “unique holiday gift idea” which had us squealing with excitement!

I have been making a daily cupcake selection because people kept giving me the hairy eyeball ‘cuz I wouldn’t make them! Alright, alright uncle! You shall have your pie and your cupcake, too!

Nanny and Wooly’s article came in out in Wrightsville Beach Mag ( and now they are vain beyond all goat-reason!  Get ready to blow it out and summer winds down, schools crank back up and we hit the downhill slalom that is October-November-Decemberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


And finally in MONDAY THE 13th news, A:) Monday the 13th just seems like a REALLY BAD IDEA. B.) They are filming We’re the Miller’s ( out front on Monday and using huge amounts of water which will affect my water quality and pressure to my coffee making equipment so we will NOT be open till Tuesday, August 14 when all will be right again with the world and the water!  See you Tuesday!

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