Labor Day 2012

WE ARE GOING TO BE CLOSED SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND MONDAY!!!! AHAHAHAHHAHA! Don’t hate us!  It’s our last real break before Fall Madness kicks in and we have our nose to the espresso grindstone for the next four months!

And in a strange turn of events, Mrs. D.D.W. nominated us on Huffington Post and somehow we got ranked #2!!! Now, I have complete faith in my awesome customers and our coffee roasters Java Estate but we are SO SMALL! It’s kind of crazy!

Anyway, the family, critters and I will be traveling around, eating foods and getting in to mischief and I have gotten roped into make pancakes 3 mornings in a row but that’s fine…so Happy Labor Day! We will see you Tuesday!


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Bookstore/Bakery/Microfarm in the South!

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