You want us to ship it?

Well, sure! There are some things that I won’t ship because they’d NEVER get there in one piece or with the chewy freshness that I like, but there are other treats that are world-class travelers! Bear with me as we create a shipping screen-in the meantime, I am listing below what can be shipped and in the minimum quantity. Give us a call or email to get shipping rates and schedules. There’s even a picture of someone eating one of their treats on the way home from the Post Office!  Thanks! or 910.254.1110

Pecan Pie $17.00 (1), Ginger Chews $1.00 each (8), Brownies $1.75 each (6), Peanut Butter Cookies $1.00 each (6), Gingerbread $5.25 (1), Pound Cakes $18.00 (1), Cheddar Pigs $.45 each (18), Biscotti $1.25 each (6), Bagged Coffees 1lb, Coffee Cakes $6.75 (1), Granola $7.00/lb (1), Chocolate or Pumpkin Whoopie Pies $3.00 each (5), Macaroons-Plain or Chocolate $2.00 (6)

That should get ya’ll started!

I ate that in under 3 seconds.



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