Love is in the air! Oh wait-that’s ice.

It is with huge humility that we say a big, heartfelt THANK YOU!! and WE LOVE YOU TOO! to all of our friends and wholesale customers old and new! January was every bit as busy as December which is kind of mind-blowing, because, well, it’s January and it’s “so slow”. To all of you who shopped and shipped and visited with us, thank you, thank you! Our first year on Topsail Island has been absolutely amazing and the continued loyalty amongst our original customers is wonderful!

So it is with EXTREME PRIDE (and a little bit of sheer nervousness…) we announce the opening of “SUPPLIES!”  Hahahahah! Dumbest name ever! But really, it is now Sugar Island Bakery and Supplies. We have taken over another unit in our shopping center so that, once again, there is seating to enjoy your friend’s company and have a coffee and slice of something and unwind.

As to “supplies” we will expand our line of granolas, locally roasted coffees from Brown Dog Coffee ( and Java Estate Roastery, our local honeys, free range eggs, quilt cards by Meg Prange, goats milk soaps by Heavenly Homestead (, clothing line from Just Like Honey (, pottery and jewelry from Fat Cat Pottery and Re-Eco, an increased selection of Melissa Gray’s luxurious soaps and spectacular fiber art( all of our specialty baking ingredients like flours, seeds and nuts.  We will be carrying herbs (in season) from Shelton Herb Farms and a large selection of the incomparable LunaPops ( and the genius Nye’s Ice cream sandwiches ( to complement all our handmade yumminess! Plus, a huge selection of rare and used books, focusing on children’s literature and, naturally, cookbooks!

And we will finally bring back the Sugar Island t-shirts and mugs!  To round out all this excitement, we will be unrolling our antique dish and pedestal rental service for people who want their festivities to look divine without being stuck with an excessive amount of vintage china!

We are aiming for March 1, to open up all this madness and will post pictures as the renovations begin! Should anyone have really cool Hoosier’s, old pianos, outdoor rocking chairs or sturdy bookshelves they would like to trade in towards store credit-lemme know! The current color is, ahem, lava orange with faux stucco and earth platelets. Clearly not keeping THAT. Yeah, don’t ask.

Below, please find our Valentine’s Day Menu-you know the deal, order ahead!  Here are a few pictures of our frozen island…it’s been as cold as Cruella DeVil’s heart this week! (plus more of the amazing Robotic Relative cards! (

Love Potion #9

February came sneaking in! What’s new and tasty this month? Well, lemme tell you! These treats are available all the way thru the end of the month. As always, please order ahead as we want to make sure you get what you want, when you want it!

We also have the most AMAZING selection of Valentine’s cards and some super cute new hats from Green Family Farms! (

Love Potion #9 – classic cheesecake, cookies crust, strawberry rhubarb topping $28.00

Raspberry Brownies $2.00 each

Cream Cheese Brownies with Fudge topping $2.00

Coconut Cake with salted Caramel Filling $29.00

Sour Cherry Pie $18.00

Raspberry Scones $1.85 each

Raspberry Almond Muffins $1.95 eachvacay 2013 011 imagesCALMKALO imagesCAQZSWFH vacay 2013 015 vacay 2013 014 vacay 2013 012 cream-cheese-brownies imagesCAMG6X02 CHERRY imagesCA3DQTJ5