Lucky Little Munchies for New Year’s Eve!

Thank you for a fun and tasty Christmas!! I was the lucky beneficiary of lots of delicious handmade treats from chefs and bakers of all ages and it was such a treat!! We so enjoyed taking part of all your holiday traditions and getting to hear the festivities you had planned for your friends and family and pets!!

Our family kind of blows it out on New Year’s Eve to ensure luck for the New Year and it hasn’t failed us yet! We always eat 12 grapes at midnight and have Chocolate coin cake with champagne and THEN on New Year’s Day we do pork and greens and collards and cornbread AND LOTS OF COFFEE for wealth and health and luck!

We will be open Saturday 12/27 and Sunday 12/28 10-4 with all Christmas items 50% off. Monday-Wednesday we will be open 10-3 and we will be closed New Year’s Day and reopen January 8th with lots of surprises! You may still place orders throughout this time as will still be working on wholesale. We will simply arrange pickup times!

This New Year’s Eve we are offering the following menu below. As always, please call, email or FB ahead of time so we can make sure to have enough on hand!

Chocolate Coin Cake-a fudgy chocolate bundt cake studded with dark chocolate and dulcey bits frosted with vodka buttercream accents and with a single gold coin hidden inside. (Circular objects signify luck!)-$22.00

Chocolate Dipped Gold dusted Coconut Macaroon Fortune Cookies!-our signature macaroons dipped in dark Valrhona chocolate and brushed with edible gold dust-each macaroon has a fortune tucked in side-$2.00 each

Kale Cornbread-a lovely accent to pork and black-eyed peas, our house cornbread with bits of roasted kale and bacon. $6.00

Sticky Champagne Cake- a light champagne batter layer cake filled with thin layers of Comice Pear compote and frosted with Vanilla Bean frosting and coated with a dark, caramelly toffee glaze $28.00

Pistachio Crunch Cake-moist and tender spice cake studded with toasted pecans and filled and frosted with cream cheese frosting and accented with bright green pistachio morsels $30.00

And as always- Cheddar Pigs-a fun treat to serve with champagne-pigs are ALWAYS lucky~cheddar_pigs choco stout coffee-3755-400x250 cornbread nye macaroons pistachiao-cake-2_picnik



“To stay in one place and watch the seasons come and go is tantamount to constant travel; one is traveling with the earth.” -Marguerite YourcenarOR to sit at your desk and order from a computer screen on Cyber Monday is tantamount to GETTING A DISCOUNT! Email in your holiday order today for any order over $25 and receive a FREE gingerbread! The December Menu is available on our website and will …

also be posted on FB and Twitter! Orders must be emailed in by midnight tonight and paid in full by 12/1/12 in order to take advantage of the promotion. You are welcome to pick up the Gingerbread at any time or receive a gift certificate for the loaf. Good through 3/2013. Email:notquitedone@hotmail.comKahlua Cake $28.00
Really Rum Cake $28.00
Cranberry Orange Pound Cake $6.00
Gingerbread $6.00
Gingerbread Man/Woman $4.00 each
Classic Cherry Cheesecake $28.50
Candy Cane Cheesecake $27.00
Caramel Apple Cheesecake $27.00
Peppermint Bark Brownies $2.00 each
Cookies Trays $8/$16/$24
Pumpkin Maple Toffee Cake $30.00
Lemon Coconut Cake $30.00
Triple Chocolate Cake $33.00
Carrot Cake $33.00
12 Layer Chocolate Cake $45.00
8 Layer Caramel Cake $35.00