Happy Spring and Bunny Time!

It’s Spring! Time for Spring Fever and Spring Cleaning and all things flowery, pretty and fun!  Changes are coming at Sugar-and details will be coming soon!  In the meantime, get your Easter orders in before it’s too late!  This year, in addition to being able to pick up your order at Pine Valley Market (http://www.pinevalleymarket.com/) you can also pick them up at Courthouse Coffee in Burgaw (http://www.browndogcoffeecompany.com/)!

Raspberry Scones-4 pack $8.25

Coconut Cake-3 layer yellow cake with cream cheese coconut frosting $33.00

Coconut Lemon Cake-3 layer yellow cake with homemade lemon curd filling and coconut frosting $35.00

Bunny Dream Cake-3 layer moist chocolate cake with pastel pink vanilla buttercream and circled with sparkly miniature chocolate eggs $36.00

Rhubarb Pie $18.00

Sour Cherry Pie $18.00

Pecan Pie $17.00

You may place an order by email: notquitedone@hotmail.com

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/sugaronfrontst.smith

or by phone 910.254.1110

Please specify delivery/pick up location.

Cutoff for ordersIMG_0171Easter Blockade Runner 2012 012Southern Simple Coconut Cake is 3/27/13.


Tickle your Turkey! (WE ARE BOOKED! NO MORE ORDERS TILL 11/16. Sorry!)

I really can’t believe it’s November! Well, it’s time to roll out the Thanksgiving menu! I do love you all and don’t want you to look like our poor gal here-working her fingers to the bone so I will say it again because nobody believed me last year and I had to turn people down but YOU HAVE TO ORDER AHEAD! Once the fruits are peeled and the crusts rolled out that’s all she wrote! I still have to head home and make Thanksgiving dinner for my people!  This year the options are:

Apple Pie $17

 Cherry Pie $17.00 (cherry prices went up due to a horrible loss in Michigan!)

Caramel Apple Walnut $18.00

Rhubarb $15.00


Sweet Potato-$14.00


Bourbon Pecan $18.00

Chocolate Pecan-$18.00

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Ginger Crust-$24.00

Orange Cheesecake with Cranberry Compote and Snickerdoodle Crust-$24.00

Gingerbread-$5.75 a loaf

Triple Chocolate Caramel Cake-$33.00

Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting-$30.00

We also have lovely Thanksgiving cards and some wonderful jams to go with your holiday breads and leftover sandwiches!  Don’t forget to buy some bulk coffee while you are in to make sure you have plenty on hand while your company is here!

See how much easier it will be if Sugar does the baking for you? I have much to be Thankful for this year and will share a pretty incredible story with you all the week of Thanksgiving!

Happy Easter Ya’ll!

ImageImageImageImageImageThanks to all for the zany Easter orders! We will definitely have to Hot Cross Scones again next year! The Blockade Runner went wild on me this year and ordered 450 cookies, 9 assorted 3 layer cakes, 9 assorted double sheet cakes, 10 Rhubarb Pies and 8 Lemon Chess Pie…let me tell you that was a LOT of butter we went thru in 48 hours!!! To give you some scope, our friend who owns Weatherwood Music (http://www.myspace.com/weatherwoodwilm) helped us deliver with his mega van and not only did we dill up the back, we had to put stuff up front, too!! So, Happy Easter to all!  

We will be closing early Thursday, April 12, due to Azalea Festival and will not re-open until the following Monday, 

Back to normal this week with Cheddar Pigs and a full menu on Down East Connect! Awesome new line of beverages in the store as well and amping up to offer ICE CREAM on our pies and in our incomparable coffee beverages. 

See you soon! Chicken cheeps and goat leaps to all!