You’re so faaaaaaaar away…

Everybody better stay in one place, that’s indoors. It would be SO NICE to, to kick this virus out the door, but it doesn’t help to know…

Clearly, this was not what Carole King meant when she wrote the song. Don’t worry, I am also rewriting the lyrics to RENT! Next blog, next blog.

I like to wait to write a blog for when I have a TRULY captive audience. Because by now, I am sure, you have alphabetized your spices and ironed your underwear so, really, what else can you do but motor through some blog drivel? (Hey, at least you aren’t binge watching Tiger King.) The LAST blog I wrote on here was while opening the Little House after the recovery Spring from Hurricane Florence. That was a gleeful little piece, almost a year to the day, it was.

We do hope you and your loved ones are well. And yes, Tanis IS climbing the walls without her 100’s of bakery friends to talk to. If you drop her a line or an email we will make sure she gets it! Claudia and Angelica and Mallory are all well, too and staying home and being wildly creative!

Updates from the farm are many! We had our first baby goat-it’s a girl! Mozambique Mozartella, and she is beautiful! Planted squash, zucchini, peas, green beans, tomatoes and loads of herbs so far. Hopefully everyone is doing some rendition of a #virusgarden.

We DO hope you have been enjoying “QUARANTINE THEATRE.” Our goal is to perform an original story EVERY day of the quarantine using ONLY stuff from around the house and yard.

To be honest, we got nervous before they even forced the shutdown, so while we are not wanting to deprive people of comfort food and caffeine, we ARE wanting everyone to stay home, stay well and stay separate. THEREFORE, shipping doth exist on the website as well as the Friday pickup 12-2, where it is ALL pre-paid, one customer at a time at the pickup station and we wave at you through the glass so we respect all the rules and everyone’s well-being. #socialdistancing #justdoit

MY FAVORITE thing in this blog, though, is announcing the launch of “FARM DIRT.” Our real-deal, old school farm newsletter mailed out monthly-MAILED NOT EMAILED-full of photos, advice, recipes, farm hacks and FARM FAILS!

Speaking of FarmFails, I built a bomb! Tin+Potassium Chloride=Hydrogen Bomb. Note to all-do NOT pour saponifying olive oil soap into a vintage tin soap mold. Bad.

Wash your hands. Stay away from people, all of ’em. Read 1000000 books, send 100000 texts and emails, plant a #virusgarden. Don’t give up. We’re sorry this is hard and scary. But for the first time, everyone, absolutely everyone, is in this together, whether they want to be or not.

“I do not exhaust.” Julia Child

Love, Sam and the Boys

P.S. I have a list below of Quarantine Perspective books. It’s far from done, but a decent start!

“Secret Garden” “Diary of Anne Frank” “Madame Curie” “Little House on the Praire” “Swiss Family Robinson” “Time Traveler’s Wife” “The Egg and I” “Dirty Life”

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