Pigs and Cupcakes. As in Pigmas in July!

It is time once again for CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!!! I live for this week as I can slather slabs of gingerbread with fresh butter and lightly grilled peaches and pretend that it isn’t 90000 degrees outside or alternately monsooning. Summer at the beach-heat or rainsheets. rainfall-monsoon_660_053018035405

Starting tomorrow you will see a brief reappearance of your favorite Christmas cookies, peppermint-spiked lattes, booze-soaked fruitcakes and fantastic sales on puzzles and cards and wrapping paper for those of you who are brilliant and organized OR those of you who know, “TWINKLE LIGHTS, MERCURY GLASS, PIGS AND A COOKIE ARE ALWAYS GOOD THINGS!”.


What does all of this mean??? It means, quite simply that this week you can order Cheddar Pigs at 2 bags for $7.25 and a bag of Christmas Coffee for $7.25 and a Santa Mystery sack of books for $2.50 and 2 Apple Pies for $25.00! (You see what I did with the 25???? So fun.) Can’t eat 2 pies? SHARING IS CARING! And yes, they do freeze nicely. The pie and pig specials are ONLY BY PRE-ORDER. Coffee and Santa bags will be available at shop for walk-ins 🙂 sugarislandnc@gmail.com  AND ALSO, this Sunday we will be having our summer sidewalk sale at the bakery with beautiful furniture, art and our newest friend, Harry Pig will be there for a meet and greet!

Sunday we will be hosting our very first wine tasting at the Farm to Island Market! We are so excited and do hope you will join us from 5-7 p.m. We will be conducting a wine and cheese pairing, a wine and chocolate pairing, and a wine and veggie pairing! We are traveling the state to bring you local, lovely wines that are not available via distribution-meaning they are exclusive to us and the vineyards as well as beautiful biodynamic wines and some gluten-free ciders and NC and organic beers.

If you follow PairandAle on Instagram or Sugar Island you can follow us on our adventures to the vineyards, farms and breweries! It’s hard, but somebody has to do it.

So don’t forget-week of sales, Sunday of pigs and pecorino. Got it?










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