By George it’s a Book Signing, Beer Tasting AND my Birthday!

Washington’s Birthday! is this Thursday and we are celebrating in style with Cherry Pies, whole and by the slice, Cherry Scones, Martha Washington’s Whisky Cake and we will all be decked out in powdered wigs, beauty marks and copious ruffles! (remember if you want more than one whole pie it is SO helpful if you drop us a line but not a lie!)download (1)

Then, this Saturday the 24th, we are hosting a BOOK SIGNING AND BEER TASTING! 9 local authors will be attending, for you to meet, grill them mercilessly about their works and fawn over them for getting them published! What an accomplishment!! And Mr. Smith will be hosting a beer tasting of some NC beers that are NOT distributed meaning, they are NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE and YOU can taste them here, paired with some incredible local cheeses, honeys and breads. Saturday, 1-4! Famous-Reading-Quotes-2-1

And yes, the cat got out of the bag far, far before we had intended. This is Mr. Petunia, he is in charge of handling all telemarketing calls.20180206_152358

We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase Sister’s Organic Market from the wonderful Wheeler family this winter. Since I was a little girl, grocery stores and farmer’s markets have been one of my MOST FAVORITE PLACES (excepting, of course, the library, actual farms and bookstores). This particular jewel-box of a shop has kept me smitten since they opened and they were gracious enough to hand us the reins. There has been much confusion and so the short and simple version is: WE ARE KEEPING BOTH SPOTS. The bakery has long been bursting at the seams, our personal farming/gardening efforts have taken on both depth and scale to be able to provide for more than just our family and we have long had this majestic list of farmers and artisans and butchers that rules and space kept us from sharing with you all at the bakery. And no, the encroaching mega-stores and other enterprises popping up here and there are not of a concern to us because we ARE KEEPING IT SMALL. We bake in small batches. We stay open year-round because it is for everyone, we insist on personally knowing our customers and making sure we all eat the best, tastiest and most responsible things grown and made by friends that we can. WE go and GET the stuff. It is NOT coming on a tractor trailer. And the same principles will apply to the market. Same location. Same wonderful, warm staff. Just more good stuff.  The new additions will just keep coming at a steady and manageable rate. And yes, the name will change because Shawn and I are not sister’s. We are very grateful to our family and friends for fostering this opportunity and are delighted by your enthusiasm and support! Greater Wilmington Business Journal , 

Visit Pender

And so, Thursday, History and Pies and Frippery. Saturday-books and beer and baked goods. Lots of fun to be had by all!

Martha Washington’s Cake will put some pep in your step! Whisky Cake by the Ocean!

And you KNOW how Connor feels about Cherry Pie…he’s a Sugar Baby.

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One thought on “By George it’s a Book Signing, Beer Tasting AND my Birthday!

  1. Hi Sam, Enjoyed reading this so much. Sounds like you are going forward for sure. Maybe I can be of some help when I get there. You should also be writing some books, in your spare time that is. Take care. Love to you. Grandma


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