A.D.V.E.N.T.=A Daily Very Exciting New Treat.

12  Days of NON-STOP FUN! Every day until Christmas Eve we will have special treats in store for you! Some I can tell you NOW, others I can tell you only the morning of! For instance, Wednesday, all used books in the shop are 25% off-no limit! And Friday night we are staying open late for a beer-tasting upstairs! Extra points if you come to the beer-tasting wearing an ugly Christmas sweater but I swear on the Swingbridge, you show up with “Christmas Tree Eyebrows” and it will be the walk of shame out the door! Sleigh whaaaat?? No. This could also be “Eric Carle Ugly Caterpillar Eyebrow Look Alike for Story Hour”?BcZ_7MAAl2w-png__700

I have had to chuckle at a lot of the “must-have” items in major publications this year. “People”, “All Recipes”, USA Today are just NOW telling people to buy Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil and the Smithey Ironware Skillets. We have carried these items FOR YEARS. Ha!

This week we are releasing the limited run Rum Cakes, have made new batches of all our pimento cheeses, cookie trays, made some adorable gift packs, gift baskets and cello sets for every teacher, bus driver, vegan, gluten-free, hair dresser, impossible to please and those that are a DELIGHT to give a gift to (aren’t those the best!! people that you love shopping for because they genuinely enjoy good stuff!) we made the gifts with stuff we made or that were lovingly crafted by local artisans! (I know of 3 of my editor friends who died 6 deaths reading that run-on train wreck I just typed. Sorry.)

The genius Sara Webster will be having special sales this week! Watch our store (hint is Friday night ONLY) as well as some fun specials on her Etsy store. (Are those gold danglies not DIVINE? Someone must snap those up, pronto. Premium glamour.)

Sandy Toes will be staying open late on this frosty Friday night as well with some special sales and their signature bow wrapping. All their packages come out looking like works of art!

Buttermints are back! Russian Tea Cakes are being made! Doggie biscuits are being rolled and more Chai Spice from Big Spoon is on the way! We will also have a super-special Black label coffee release for the super coffee snob in your life. There are only 10 bags of this available so make sure you ask to reserve one! One tiny hint of a lecture-DON’T FORGET TO PRE-ORDER YOUR HOLIDAY CAKES, please. You know the rules by now 🙂

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910.254.1110 http://www.sugarislandnc.com Beach Elves are standing by. Save a Horse. Ride a Reindeer.

A.D.V.E.N.T.  A Daily very Exciting New Treat.

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One thought on “A.D.V.E.N.T.=A Daily Very Exciting New Treat.

  1. Wow Ho! Somebody needs a pine-scented, cinnamon infused, peppermint-laced, Holy Holly honking horse-drawn sleigh sized Christmas tranquilizer! 😀. Spreading way too much Island cheer for one wee
    Tiny- Tim -Bite-Sized elf! Daisy says, “Woof! me too!”


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