An Apple a Day Keeps the Blogger Away

I blame the apples for my 6 month blog absence. What is there to write about when you can’t crunch on a satisfying piece of fruit?

THE APPLES ARE COMING!! This Saturday, November 11th, we will be having our Holiday Heirloom Collective! A celebration of the beautiful fruits coming from our friends in Virginia Vintage Virginia Apples and delivered to us by the remarkable Margaret Shelton! Plan to stock up on the likes of Pippins, Gold Rush and Arkansas Blacks! There will also be some beautiful cheeses in stock, specifically some lovely cheddars and more of the Rogue Blue, that sold out lickety-split! margaret

You are welcome to reserve your apples ahead of time. Please call (910.254.1110) or email They are insanely delicious at ALL times but especially next to a grilled pimento cheese…

And WHAT is a holiday soiree without the uber-chic Sara Webster? Featuring never before seen Swingbridge and Sea Urchin pieces as well as her much sought-after gold collection.  5869.jpeg

Our glamorous neighbors at Sandy Toes will be hosting a Holiday Open House that Saturday, as well! I have been collecting the Jude Connally cowl neck dresses of every season for their forgiving fit, copious pockets and indestructible fabric. They are a true closet gem! 23192370_10214850900013966_1861803430_o.jpg

Mary Rowe and the elegant Inis Spa will be having a special sale on their candles and essential oils during all this frivolity! You will leave well-fed, bejeweled, frocked and smelling GORGEOUS!

Once we trip the light fantastic past our holiday show we will be strutting our stuff right in to Turkey Time!! Attached please see our holiday menu. Thanksgiving Menu!  THIS YEAR to gild the lily, we will also be offering ICE CREAM! from our friends at Boombalatti’s. We will have it by the pint to accompany your cakes and pies. Flavor choices are: Cinnamon, Maple Walnut, Vanilla and Apple cider sorbet. (The sorbet is perfect for your vegan guests and also makes a wickedly delicious spin on a mimosa while cooking and watching the parade!)  gallery-1461677456-delish-apple-cider-mimosa-1Wilmington delivery is Tuesday arriving at Epic after 3 p.m. Epic pricing will differ slightly from posted menu prices. All orders must be placed through the bakery, please.

So there you have it! Gold Rush Apples, Golden Jewelry, Glamorous Dresses and Glowing Candles. AT THE BEACH. It doesn’t get too much better than that! OH except there will be a beer tasting with the knowledgeable and handsome Shawn Smith holding forth on all things Holiday-hoppy and some fantastic holiday appetizers to give you some new ideas and we will be GIVING THE RECIPES AWAY WITH THEM. I never do that.

Apple Countdown starts NOW!







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