Thyme Marches On

Every week the blog will feature a new gardening pun, all the way through Spring!! No, I won’t actually do that, but I couldn’t resist with that bit of hideousness! thyme

St. Patrick’s Day will be here shortly, and you know we have a Patrick and he’s Irish, so we celebrate this one with some real focus! stpatmenu

There will be a beer tasting and an Irish Tea Party-we will email the details soon!

We have a lot of really incredible cookbooks showing  up this week to get you inspired as we gear up for outdoor cooking and grilling. There is also a new line of spice rubs coming out soon that I am excited for everybody to try! The “Chicken Magic” is my favorite!


Here’s a fun garden hack that I have been enjoying-everybody knows about the old yogurt and terra-cotta trick, but I am delighted to report that I have been having great success spray painting old plastic pots to look like they are stone and copper! Gardening can get costly so I am always looking for ways to salvage old things and I must say, metallic paint is my hero!

St. Patrick’s Day and Spring Fever always go hand in hand 🙂


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