Wishing for Love and Cold Frames

After weeks of struggling with a variety of notes on how I wanted this particular blog to read, I finally gave up and am going to toss it all in here and beg for forgiveness from all my editor friends and relatives and also those who write=well. The discipline and talent is not mine and yet I slobber on.

January is traditionally our time to close for a minute for construction-type purposes and to take a breath after the wildness of the holiday season. We never made it to that this year-it stayed too busy-which is, of course, fantastic. At the same time, this year, the busy was coupled with toughness. Sadly, we lost so, so many friends this month. Of all ages and walks of life, their time came and just like that, they were gone. It always hurts, I believe we learn to manage grief-it doesn’t lessen. It’s a double-edged sword, the caring business. It does hurt when you lose people and hurts as much seeing their near and dear hurting even more. We thank you for sharing with us how much our bakery meant to your loved ones. Just so you know, they were every bit as important to us as we were to them.

And so we slide into “the month of love” a little sore and resentful, but as always hopeful for better things and grateful to be on the healthy side of life and be able to know so many fine people and have the honor to call them friends.

It would be wrong, though, to give you the impression that we don’t indeed have things up our sleeves for this Spring. We do. Big and getting bigger things, green things, exotic things, things for your brain, libations for your spirit some new design elements…farm-banner

We are going to get a little more “farmy” here shortly-kind of like “schmarmy” but with a healthy dose of plants and chickens thrown in!

Date night is going to be Saturday, February 11th. Open until 8 that night, there will be flowers and candles and lovely plated desserts. The menu will be out February 1 and there will be suggested beer and espresso pairings as well! llama-love

One of the new things we have in the store that I am MADLY in love with is our incredible, edible, authentic TUSCAN EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL FROM BRAMASOLE. If you have read “Under the Tuscan Sun” than the name BRAMASOLE sets your brain aflutter and makes your hand inch towards your passport. I confess, I have never seen the movie, preferring to enjoy all of Ms. Mayes fine writings just as they are. But NOW we carry the superb olive oil from their own OLIVES in Tuscany!! It is a gorgeous green-spicy,  and full of life! bramasoleevoo

And then, on February 25th we will have our first “FarmtoIsland” garden session!!!  Featuring the #geniusgardeners Katie Elzer-Peters and Margaret Shelton, they will take you through what you can be planting now, what does well on the Island and its surrounding evnirons and help you trouble shoot soil issues and common pests! I have ALL of Ms. Elzer-Peters books and they are a treasure trove of knowledge!

More info will be coming soon as well as sign up forms for both events. Thank you for sharing us with your families. We continue to grow, just like the Island, and the changes are always…interesting.

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