New Year’s Eve Le Menu and a YARD SALE. Naturally.

Christmas has passed in a blur of tinsel and a wash of butter!! Our family had a very Merry holiday and we hope yours did too! nanny

As a break from the norm, we will be commandeering a neighboring kitchen to make some collards and black-eyed peas this year!! People have asked for so, so long and we have figured out a way to make it work so make sure to reserve yours! or 910.254.1110.

This Friday from 10-3 we will be having a multi-employee, family yard sale on J.H. Batts Road. THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF. Loads of furniture, patio furniture, gardening wares, clothing, books, toys, Pintrest project craft materials, vintage tools, art, mirrors, you name it-it’s there.  CASH  ONLY.  The address will be listed below.


AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP the 30th and 31st:

Key Lime Pie $15

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chess Pie $18

Cherry Berry Pie $20

Rhubarb Cobbler-old school biscuit topped-feeds 8 $22

Caramel Cake $31

Hummingbird Cake (so southern! banana, pineapple, nuts and cinnamon!) $29

Cheddar Pigs $4.25

Cornbread (symbolizes gold on New Year’s Eve or Day) $8 classic, kale or jalapeno cheddar

Smoky Collards $7 a quart

Black Eyed Peas $7 a quart

Pimento Cheese-classic or spicy $7.50

Pair and Ale has some delicious beers selected to go with the above menu items! Or, if you have your very own sacred menu traditions he will happily make some suggestions to accompany those foods as well! beer

We will have all Christmas puzzles, books and treasures half-price now through New Year’s Eve. There will be a massive new stock of graKNOWla to help you kick your New Year off to a healthy start as well as our rich Hangover Coffee Blend (locally roasted OF COURSE) and our NEWEST coffee blend! We decided to try to ward off whatever it was that the NOTHING tried to do in 2016 by taking away SO many magical people-the list is incredible- so we came up with a coffee blend which one is to sip and remember to thank the people that create beautiful art and music,the people that write and act and make us laugh and love your very own people harder so that 2017 is full of love and kindness and appreciations of the things that make being a human fun-like CAFFEINE!

Open Wednesday thru Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-3. Closed New Year’s Day!

Address for sale is 127 J.H. Batts road Unit C. CASH ONLY. FRIDAY!




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One thought on “New Year’s Eve Le Menu and a YARD SALE. Naturally.

  1. Fantastic blog, Sam!!

    I would like to order some collards and greens, as well as something rhubarb!

    I definitely will participate in the yard sale and since I’m not working this week, please let me know how I can help! Well, I don’t have to go to the office everyday …

    Love you and thanks for the yummy food! Shelly

    Sent from my iPhone



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