12 Tasty Days

Do you find yourself making lists, and then becoming manic if you don’t finish everything on your list that day? I have lists upon lists-that day, that week, for the month 3 year lists, life in general-I LOVE LISTS. And this month, I am delighted to have scratched through something that sat on my list since LAST DECEMBER. Horrors. You see, it’s a bit of a sticky wicket when you have a classic repertoire of treats that people come hunting. While we are delighted that these morsels mean so much to you, it can make it difficult to work in new tastiness while supplying you with the classics. BUT THIS YEAR, I learned how to bend time and have been able to stuff all sorts of old-fashioned holiday cookies into the rotation and it is the stuff of happiness!!!!

There is a generation of our customers that had the pleasure of being alive when bakeries did NOT have access to hideous frozen doughs, crappy mixes and buckets of crisco-slick frosting. When they purchased bakery treats, they tasted pure and sweet and were baked by talented bakers using family recipes. When THESE discerning customers tell me that these cookies whisk them back to their childhood in Germany and New York City and Provence, it makes me weepy. Or favorite friends who thinks the cooky tastes just like what her grandmother made. These words are the best Christmas gift to me! A cooky should stop you in your tracks with an intriguing texture, a glorious melt of flavor and a sweet and elegant finish (to my creme and whoopie pie eaters this doesn’t apply :)!) Oatmeal cookies should be a complicated tangle of chewy, butterscotchy oats and a hint of salt, chocolate chip cookies should be crisp on the outside chewy on the inside and have a judicious amount of chocolate chips per bite, coconut macaroons should JUST be coconut wrapped in a fluff of meringue with a hint of vanilla to make the coconut sing and ginger chews need to envelop you in a haze of exotic spices and slowly fade into a deep molasses trance.  And so, the case has been packed with Russian Tea Cakes, Jam thumbprints, Macaroons, Vanillekipferl (crescent horns), Santa Coals (quadruple chocolate shortbread), Christmas Oatmeals, Ginger Chews, Gingerbread Men, you name it! List DEFEATED!

Our Harry Potter Pottery Show was quite magical! The pottery BeSalty Studio brought and restocked is beautiful. Lexy is AMAZING!  There is a wonderful selection in the shop and we are happy to gift wrap it for you! besalty

Thus begins the 12 DAY COUNTDOWN! We will be open this Tuesday all the way thru till Christmas Eve!!! PLEASE PLACE YOUR CHRISTMAS EVE ORDER BY THIS THURSDAY!! menu

Wednesday is THE LAST DAY for shipping tea towels, maps, Loganelliottart, Sara Webster jewelry, coffee, fruitcakes, hats, t-shirts, etc. Please call or email these final orders in to get them on the sleigh on time!!! If you need a full photo list of what is available please email and we will get it right to you! sugarislandnc@gmail.com.

We are having a Pop-Up SHOP this Thursday at Beanie+Cecil in Wilmington! Cheddar Pigs will be gussied up beyond belief!  Sugar Chic from Island to Boutique!beanie

(The amazing Sara Webster designed this ad for us! Her talent is limitless.)

If you can’t make it to Beanie or the Island we have you covered at Epic FoodBrown Dog CoffeeTwo Sister’s Bookery (which by they way, they went super-Pinterest and made the BOOK Christmas tree. Smitten! The other deliciousness is from their neighbor The German Cafe’ which should be a December dine out tradition for everyone!!!)booktree

Mr. Smith has had some fascinating beer pairings the past 2 weeks! Keep up with his beer advent calendar!! Pair&Alebeer-pair

Watch FB Sugar Island and Instagram Sugar Island for daily sales! We will be having Ravensburger specials, book specials, coffee specials, each day during the 12 days!

Merry Christmas!!!! 12 DAYS TO GO!!!!!


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