Harry Potter AND Pottery???

Get your party hats back out people!! We are having a POTTER POTTERY PARTY!!! Before you get all in a pickle as to what hat to POSSIBLY wear for that type of soiree, allow me to explain!

The insanely talented Lexy Malone of BeSalty Studios will be on hand SATURDAY DECEMBER 10th from 1-4 displaying a lovely array of her pottery!! Bowls, plates, mugs, vases-it will all be here for you pottery junkies, art collectors and genius gift-givers!! I kind of always lose my mind when trying to select items for the store from Lexy because I would really rather keep them all for myself. besalty

What did I have to do to bribe Ms. Malone to haul it all the way out to our little island? Well, I had to devise a devilish plan. A plan, filled with magic and books and snakes made out of bread and frothing mugs of BUTTERBEER AND BEER! So, in conjunction with Ms. Malone’s pottery, there will be a mini Harry Potter Christmas party with all manner of Harry Potter gifts on super-sale, Harry Potter themed treats (including BUTTERBEER and BUTTERBEER PIE) PLUS make your own-butter beer kits for take home tastiness!!

But what about those who don’t necessarily adore Harry Pottery things? Well, for you, we have a very special Pair and Ale beer pairing session pairing some incredible beers with grilled Pimento cheese sandwiches (homemade bread and pimento cheese OF COURSE) and hearty soup! WHAT? SOUP AND SAMMICH AND BEER? That is correct. Do you also get the soup recipe? You betcha.soup.jpg

No, I am not attaching the holiday menu here yet. Why? Because we are struggling. December is packed with a LOT of culinary treats for a lot of people and on the first go round of the menu it had over 100 things-while in theory divine-it is rather impossible to execute simultaneously-but we DO appreciate your enthusiasm and happy memories attached to sweet treats. So, just give me a few more days!

Tomorrow (Saturday December 3rd) is the FIRST EVER Holly Ridge Christmas Bonanza!! We will be there along with sparkling Sara Webster Jewelry Collection spreading holiday cheer! holly-ridge

RECAP! Saturday the 3rd-Holly Ridge Holiday Show.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 10TH 1-4 LEXY MALONE POTTERY, HARRY POTTER BUTTER BEER INSANITY, PAIR AND ALE BEER PAIRING DELUXE. how can you handle that much glory in one building? i will be beside myself.


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