Word From the Bird Retro Show and Turkey Speakeasy

retro-holiday I am SEW happy to invite you all to our RETRO WORD FROM THE BIRD Holiday 2016 Show!!! This is a dual-purpose show to get you acquainted with our new Thanksgiving offerings, and give you a chance to meet some of our incredible artisans!! The ultra-Southern chic Lumina Embroidery will be there to meet you all and show you their gorgeous holiday linens and baby outfits! tea-towel

And the talented Sara Webster, will be in attendance. Will she be showcasing new jewelry?  Of course. Is she rolling out her EXCLUSIVE HOME DESIGN LINE OF HATCHLING SEA TURTLE TRACKS INCLUDING LINENS AND WRAPPING PAPER? Yes. Yes she is. If you speak fluent seaturtle-ese, you will be DELIGHTED!!sara-webster

Our Surf City-cicierone-in-training, Shawn Smith of Pair&Ale fame, will be conducting a beer tasting of beers that will pair well with silky mashed potatoes and unctuous Pecan Pie! #gobbleandslobber

What’s shippable this month? We have a very special Thanksgiving box, specifically designed for your food-loving, far-flung friend! The Sugar Island Box of Plenty includes Cranberry Jam Bars, Gingerbread, Sugared Pecans (gorgeous on Sweet potato casserole, exciting on Spinach salads) Vanilla Salt (a must for Brussel Sprouts), Pilgrim Coffee and Sugar Island Pumpkin Spice Blend and a locally made Thanksgiving card with your personalized inscription! Boxes are $60 plus shipping. Sailing Ship

We also have some wonderful new releases and incredible classic cookbooks that are always a boon to those cooking their first Thanksgiving meal or for the cookbooks whose pages you have lacquered with food sloppings and can no longer pry the pages apart! (RUN-ON SENTENCES MAKE ME SMILE!!!)  rose

In addition to cookbooks, the magical Kaye Wilkinson Barley will be on sight from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m., signing her significantly Southern, enchanting book “Whimsey”. If you love a light and different read with elements of fairies and love and some characters so real you are pretty sure it’s a true story-you will be SMITTEN with Ms. Barley and “Whimsey”. It’s a great gift for yourself or your whimsical friends! We love Kaye and her corgi! Victorian Style Home

NOVEMBER 12TH!!!!! Save the Date! Don’t Be Square! Grease your Hair! Hammer your Grammar!  FREE BEER, BOOZE, ON-SITE ARTISANS, AND SEA TURTLE INSPIRED EVERYTHAAAAANG.


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