Labor Day Loot and Logistics!

As previously mentioned, we have some delicious Labor Day specials this weekend! Not to mention some fantastic sales happening. Apparently, what has been first and foremost on everyone’s minds though is “what are your fall hours going to be?”.  This is, of course, beyond flattering!

And so, we are going to plow ahead keeping the 6 days in place, with the understanding that there are some days (Monday) that we will only be open in the bookstore, beer and coffee shop capacity.  You can still come hang out, read, sip on a local beer or guzzle a superb locally roasted coffee while perusing the stacks or watching your rugrat create an intricate Thomas the Train exhibit!

For this weekend, we are BLOWN AWAY with the beautiful new jewelry the brilliant Sara Webster will debut Saturday morning from 10-noon. It’s inspired by the tracks baby turtles make as they hatch and escape into the sea. Truly indigenous art!

Our neighbor, Sandy Toes, will also be having a “ten dollar table” this Saturday in conjunction with a sidewalk sale which should make all our fashionable gals very happy! Snag some summer deals and some early holiday gifts!

Mr. Smith has launched a new blog called Pair and Ale, to share his beer travels, new tastes and fun pairings with all his fellow beer and book lovers! Pairing is Sharing.

Happy to announce that we have added Haw River Ales to our beer line-up and it is a welcome addition to our carefully curated selection. Not to mention the people who run it and work there are fantastic folks!

A fresh shipment of the incomparable Goat Lady Dairy  Smoky Round arrived today. We can barely keep it in stock! At home I use it in pasta preparations, salads, on toast, stuffed it tomatoes, sprinkled on grilled fish, as a broiled topping for shrimp-it is crazy versatile, healthy and delicious!  Other cheeses this week are the intensely divine Rogue Creamery and some really local Ashe County Cheddar for those of you making your gourmet burgers this Labor Day weekend!  Which, speaking of cheese, is PRECISELY the cheddar I am using to make my Pimento Cheese! We will have pimento cheese available for pickup this weekend! As always, it is best to order ahead with these as I make a limited quantity. It is $6.50 a container and available in classic or jalapeno hot head!

SALES THIS WEEKEND!!!! Our Gentle Giant Coffee is $12 a lb, Fullsteam and Olde Hickory 6 packs are 20% off this weekend, Mrs. Ruth’s jams are 2 for $14 and all action paperback books are Buy one Get One Free. So much fun!! Sales start Friday and run through Monday!

Fruitcake will be coming back soon for all my fruitcake friends and Challah will be returning to Fridays as it is a back-to-school must have for French Toast and flawless PB&J sandwiches! (Or an intensely tasty grilled pimento cheese sandwich!)  We also have some great new cookbooks in and the necessary sauces and spices to round out your pantry 🙂


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