Dropping Hints and Making Plans

Labor Day is on its way and below are our holiday specials! As always, please pre-order. No modifications or different sizes are available!

Key Lime Pie $15

Triple Berry Cream Pie $18

Sour Cherry Pie $20

Chocolate Dream Cake-chocolate cake filled with raspberry whipped cream and frosted with chocolate buttercream garnished with fresh raspberries $30

Coconut Lemon Cake-tender vanilla cake filled with homemade lemon curd and frosted with coconut frosting $30

Caramel Cake $31

http://www.sugarislandnc.com   910.254.1110

Make travel plans NOW for Sunday, October 9th, as we are having our first ever OKTOBERFEST. It’s going to be a beer-bonanza,homemade pretzel, sausage-stuffed, Halloween-fest riddled with Harry Potter-esque elements and UNICORN RIDES. Don’t ask-it’s going to be amazing!!!!!!!

As to hints, it just so happens that we might be opening a new coffee spot THRIFT STORE! It seemed to us that there was a particularly lonely street that was desperate for some beverages and retail therapy and so we decided to cozy it up! Details coming soon!

Thank you again for the Harry Potter blowout!! That was so much fun!!!!

This week’s Cheese of the Week selection is particularly gorgeous! We have more of the ever-popular Goat Lady Dairy Smoked Chevre and their spectacular “Providence” which is an American Taleggio. It is mouth-watering.

Goat Lady Dairy!

New in this week as well is something I have wanted to get to you all for a long time! We now have Natalie’s juices-incredible fresh-pressed juiced and some MIND-BLOWING margarita mix. It is completely preservative free and uses Florida’s best citrus. You do not want to have a party or a cocktail without it!

Natalie’s Juice!




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