Nashville, here we come!

This Saturday will be #piebythesliceSaturday and #cakebythesliceSaturday ! WE WILL NOT OPEN UNTIL 11:00 A.M. ON SATURDAY THE 5TH!!!! We are invading Nashville for an almostfamily member’s wedding and so we are leaving Tanis and Jelena on deck to serve drinks and slices of joy to you all! Make sure to go and offer them your best advice and loving support!

3/14 is PI DAY! You are welcome to order a pie for pickup on this day! Options are Sour Cherry, Key Lime and Triple Berry Cream!

We are featuring Irish Soda Bread, Irish Creme Coffee, Whiskey Cheddar Breads and Kale Cheddar Scones up until St. Patrick’s Day-make sure to order for your at home festivities!

When I return from Nashville we will post the Spring Break hours and the Easter menu. Fingers crossed the upstairs renovations will be complete by St. Patrick’s Day!

Keeping this short-I have to go shine all my rhinestone boots and denim so I can be karaoke-ready for Nashville.


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Bookstore/Bakery/Microfarm in the South!

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