Keep Poundin’ Pound Cake!

Oh wait, did I misunderstand that? It’s about football? Hmmm. I will try to care. No really, I care! And because I care, we came up with these Superbowl Specials! Please remember, YOU HAVE TO PRE-ORDER πŸ™‚

Also we are open this Sunday the 31st from 12-3, for all ya’ll who’ve been missin’ your Sunday @ Sugar! And then SuperBowl Sunday we will be open ONLY for order pickups!

Cheddar Pigs-you simply can’t have a party without Cheddar Pigs. $4cheddar-pigs-2-pack.e346c4f63f0e39ade9897d98068f72fe


Carolina Cake-blueberry pound cake filled with blackberry jam frosted with cream cheese frosting and emblazoned with a Carolina Panther and the “Keep Poundin'” logo $38


Blue Moon Bronco Cupcakes-chocolate and Blue Moon beer infused cupcakes frosted with a blue and orange frosting $2.75 each

Keep Poundin’ Cupcakes-blueberry pound cake filled with blackberry jam and frosted with vanilla cream cheese frosting topped with a sassy Carolina Panther Β $3.00 each

Panthercakes-chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting topped with a football field green and white topping $2.75

Platter of Plenty-brownies, jam bars and an assortment of small cookies to feed 15-20 people $30.00

So then we come to Fat Tuesday! King Cakes this year are available for pickup Friday or Saturday February 5 and 6th or Tuesday the 9th. Available flavors are cream cheese, raspberry cream cheese of the “Donna” which is lemon cream cheese. $18.00


But then Valentine’s Day sneaks up on us AND Washington’s Birthday! As soon as we survive SuperBowl we will post the Valentine’s Specials…yay FootBall!




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2 thoughts on “Keep Poundin’ Pound Cake!

  1. Do you promise that I don’t gain any weight just from reading your yummy-sounding blogs???????? Everything sounds both tasty and a treat for one’s eyes. Have a good and busy day- D. Donna Meinhold


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