Days of National Tastiness and Hyper-classiness.

I adore pens that write well. There is no end to my obsession with people with glorious handwriting and dedicated journal writing. January 23rd is National Handwriting Day which we will celebrate, of course, with a sale on our wonderful Retro 51 pens and our wide selection of locally made Sara Webster journals and a fun selection of “writerly” themed snacks! (You know, Jo March gingerbread, Samuel Pepys cheese twists, Susan Branch lemon crisps-surely you have heard of these loyal journal keepers!)

But before that elegant day arrives, Thursday January 14th is National Pastrami Day and our friends and neighbors at the New York Corner Deli are celebrating by having their amazing Reubens 2 for $14!! Therefore, I can order 4, for a good cause!!!

And winding up the month is the day all 3 of my boys LIVE for, NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY on January 27th. It is a Wednesday. There will be a mind-boggling selection of chocolate cakes by the slice, filled with caramels and creams, ganaches and toffees, raspberries and pecans, champagnes and Gran Marnier. Decadent it will be. You should plan ahead. Commit yourself to a quiet, chocolate-soaked hour of simple pleasure.

Many new lovely things are coming to Sugar this Spring! One of them is FINALLY our own garden plot just for us! We are just getting ready to clear and will begin the framework and dirt-hauling soon!

In the meantime, I had a chance to visit a sublime spot today Old River Farms where we get our bright bites of sunshine-filled strawberries, and our tasty grass-fed beef and beautiful poinsettias and stunning succulents and whimsical terrariums by GreenDrop Gardens . It was a cloudless day, crisply cold and absolutely perfect.

Stay warm, dream big and eat thoughtfully.





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