New Year’s Eve 2016 and News to Use!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for letting us be part of your family’s celebrations and for choosing to support local artists, authors, craftsmen and farmers!

This year, we had so very many customers come in and reminisce about things that their family members made over the holidays. The power of smell is such a strong thing and can unearth the most wonderful memories and fascinating stories. When someone starts to remember a moment like that-encourage them! Hear them out, write down the recipe or the method or the name! I learn something new about food and baking every day and consider it a “day lost when a recipe is not jotted down in her binder…” (“Jane of Lantern Hill” L.M. Montgomery).

We will reopen New Year’s Eve for treats for your holiday, a chance to stock up before we close for a minute and for some INSANE SALES!  As is our tradition, in January we close to do inventory and renovations. Not for long-usually just a week! This year’s renovations are in preparation for our late Spring surprise! So it won’t really make sense until then BUT I am getting a new sink-so that’s fun! (I will take this moment to preach part of our “mission statement”. When I say “new equipment” it is ALWAYS used as I am a firm believer in recycling and supporting local and I am madly smitten with Cape Fear Restaurant Equipment. For those of you who long for more professional, functional kitchen tools, this is the place to go. They welcome home cooks as readily as they do crazy people like me. Actually, they would probably prefer you 🙂


*Books buy 2 get 1 free (excludes the super rare collection). NO. LIMIT. Dealers welcome.

*Sprecher’s 2 packs for $12

*Sara Webster Jewelry $5 off earrings, $10 off necklaces


Our neighbor Sandy Toes Boutique  has some delightful sales going on as well 50-75% off of some incredible clothes and accessories!

New Year’s Eve Menu!

Silver-n-Gold luck cookies-our constantly sold out Russian Tea Cakes, rolled in both gold and silver sanding sugars are a delicious accompaniment to champagne or make a lovely hostess gift. 12 to a box. $10

Make A Wish Cake-tender 4 layer  vanilla cake studded with raspberries filled with a mascarpone cream layered with champagne soaked blackberries frosted with vanilla bean buttercream and topped with sparkling pearl sugar $32.00 (my personal favorite :)!)

Chocolate is Timeless-much like a chocolate ice box cake-this lovely and decadent cake features thin layer of chocolate cake filled with alternating layers of Nutella, fresh whipped cream and chocolate mousse. Frosted with chocolate buttercream and decorated with the hands of the clock to ring in the New Year-this cake is festive and delicious! (This cake is usually Shawn’s birthday cake!) $35

Cheddar Pigs-6 for $4 ‘cuz what’s a party without a pig?

Kale Cornbread-honoring 2 Southern superstitions at once! Eating greens and cornbread on New Year’s Day is a must in our house! kale flecked bacon cornbread $6.50

As always, please order ahead. or 910.254.1110

*this selection is also available for delivery to Epic Food Co on New Year’s Eve morning. Pricing will vary slightly. Must be pre-ordered!!




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