Media Frenzy!!! plus crayons-ooooh!

Happy Labor Day Week!! We are having a slightly limited but still luscious Labor Day menu-which is listed below. As usual, please order ahead to ensure you have the dessert you want for your festivities!

As promised, the Coloring Club will start September 13 crayons-lab! It will run from 1-3:30. Bring your own book-we will provide the art supplies!

That Monday, the 14th begins Rosh Hashanah, we will be selling Honey Challah on Sunday as well as have fresh local honey from Back to Sun-please reserve your loaf! roshhashanah

We had a visit from HGTV from the Beach Bargain crew-that was fun! We will keep you posted as to when the show airs 🙂

There are a few contests going on that we are having fun with, and if you feel inspired to tag along for the ride, check out the links and let these people know!!

School has started back and summer is winding down so we are also planning our annual apple trek and will be coming back with bevvies of bushels of apples to share with you via pies and cakes and crunchiness! moutains (28)

We would also like to introduce you to one of our new customers whom we will be providing desserts for in Hampstead It is now owned by one of my favorite families!

As always, thank you for your support and kindness and craziness! We enjoy and are grateful for every day!

Pecan Pie ~ $18

Key Lime Pie ~ $14

Sour Cherry Pie ~ $18

Apple Crumb Pie ~ $20.

Chocolate Caramel Cake ~ $33

Lemon Filled Coconut Cake ~ $30

Raspberry filled Almond Cake ~ $31

…along with copious amounts of Cheddar Pigs!

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