Christmas in July and High Tea in August!


My Birthday was a homespun delight! From handmade bouquets, luscious casseroles, well-aged fruitcakes, dinky birthday hats, raucous serenades, thoughtful birthday wishes, sunset dinners with friends, shiny timepieces, indulgent toiletries, kitchen tools and bike accessories it was lovely from start to finish! Thank you all! goat my bdaycropped-imagescagsqcvz.jpgflowerseclectic-rolling-pins


Fourth of July was, quite frankly, a blur! The Ocean City Jazz Festival was wonderful to be a part of, and on Saturday evening, the crowd graced Connor with a “Happy Birthday” song! He was grinning ear-to-ear and I was covered in goosebumps-it was an amazing experience!

To finish off July, we will continue with our tradition of Christmas in July! Basically this means that I will make myself 75 fruitcakes and put 6 out to sell! The following Christmas treats will be available thru the end of July, Fruitcake, Swingbridge stout bread, Almond Rum Pound Cake, Christmas coffee 1/2 lbs, Chocolate crinkles and a Peppermint Meltdown available hot or iced! Should you like to reserve or ship any of these goodies please use the contact form below or ring the shop (910.254.1110)!

PeppermintWreath5 fruitcakechristmas_vector_clipart_11chocolate crinkles

The majestically talented Sara Webster has been working her fingers to the nubbins keeping us stocked in delicate, unique NC inspired jewelery! If you haven’t taken a moment to gaze upon these trinkets than you must! We have them tucked away in our teapot cabinet at the bakery!

Speaking of teapots…in August, we will transform the upstairs for one afternoon, into a TEAROOM! Mom and I are mad about tea parties (DO NOT EVEN HINT AT POLITICS HERE PEOPLE, STRICTLY FORBIDDEN @ SUGAR) and are going to host one in August! This tea party will be right proper and include china, linens, insane amounts of flowers and the full on sandwiches, scones, bon bons, clotted cream, lemon curd-the works! Your tea ticket purchase will include the tea cup you are seated with and sipping elegantly from! HATS OR FASCINATORS A MUST! There will be two seatings, the menu and date will be released later this week along with the link to make reservations-you do not want to miss this!

Herb-Tea-Cup-may basketshatsiren-school-mermaid-tea-logo-01-trans-border-01atea party



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