Mother’s Day Specials, new drinks and answering your pressing question of “When are you changing your hours?”

I shouldn’t be typing indoors while the weather is flawless but it’s now or never!  To answer your question, I am not yet sure that we will return to five days a week. IF we do, it will probably coincide with Memorial Day and run through Labor Day as it’s easier to pull off when the boys don’t have school.

May Day is Friday, May 1! I love May Day!!! This year we will have assorted tea cups planted with lovely herbs available as well as felicitous, sparkly cupcakes, festively adorned cookies and bubbly, fruit-filled cobblers!! may dayHerb-Tea-Cup-may baskets

We will be open Mother’s Day but we will be closing at 2.

Our Mother’s Day SHIPPING specials are as such:

Momma Loves Mocha-1 bag of our glorious Organic Peru Coffee, 1 Triple Chocolate Pound Cake, Chocolate glazed Pecans and a handmade Mother’s Day card with your greeting. $32.00 includes shipping within USA.

Treat your Mom like Royal-tea-Assortment of teas, antique teacup and saucer, Cheddar Pigs, Lemon Pound Cake, sugar cubes, Mrs. Ruth’s Blackberry Lemon Jam, Ginger Chews and a handmade Mother’s Day card. $45.00 includes shipping within USA.

Our insanely lovely Herbal Iced Teas have returned along with the warm weather!

On shore now as well is the intense “BLACKBEARD.” A triple shot mocha latte over coffee cubes with a swirl of REAL whipped cream and a fetching beard of gooey Ghiradelli chocolate encircling the cup.  With Shawn being a direct descendant of the dreaded pirate we gotta give him a nod now and then…blackbeard latte

This week we will be introducing a new addition to our pecan line! Roasted Pecans with fair trade chocolate glaze and hints of Vanilla Sea Salt. AND WE WILL BE SAMPLING THEM OUT ON THURSDAY THE 23rd 🙂

It’s now time for all things Strawberry as well, so look for the return of Strawberry Jam Bars,Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Strawberry Muffins, Strawberry Sweetheart Cake and Strawberry Pound Cake!!

In honor of Cinco De mayo, we will have a sale on all of our salsas, Bloody Mary Mixes, Mexican cookbooks and Cinnamon the first weekend of May (but no-we won’t be open that Tuesday!!) BUT we will have Tres Leches cake by the slice that Sunday as well as Jalapeno Cornbread and Tequila Lime Pound Cake for pickup!cinco

All Mother’s Day shipping must be shipped by Monday, May 4.

This weather is FANTASTIC!!!

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  1. Sounds good! (If I had a blog…I would call it a BLAHB. & most days it would consist of just a word…or two. #brokendownoldhag 😀 )


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